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  1. Is there another Tiger Woods that we don't know about?
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  2. I agree, it does depend on how you use the term meltdown. I think Stanley hit the shot he wanted to, but he had not worked out in advance that the shot he had chosen might spin back into the water. To me, that is a mistake, not a meltdown. I would use the term meltdown for players who lose their game under pressure. Levin lost more shots over more holes, so he gets my vote.
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  3. Wow, I won Member of the Month? Cool! Bad news though. I got diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome a couple weeks ago. No joke. I thought it was tendinitis from golf (had it since May 2011), but it turned out to be more serious than that. I'm seeing a physical therapist and was told to reduce all computer use as much as I can. I'm not even supposed to be on here right now, but saw that I got some PMs as congratulations and sure enough, I won this award. Seriously, could the timing be more awful. Anyway, I definitely try to make good posts as often as I can. It's too bad I won'
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  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TheGeekGolfer a) oh, I guess pros with wedges always hit within a couple of yards where they are trying to hit it? FALSE b) you can't tell where he is 'aimed' or his intentions from a TV shot, plus, you can't tell if it was 'struck cleanly'. - really, I'm sure you've hit a shot cleanly only for it to come up short and you wonder to yourself, "huh, what happened there?" c) there are alot of golfers that don't react one way or another d) please point me to where he 'indicated the opposite'
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  5. We have had adjustable drivers for years....using lead tape, drilling the hosel to close or open the face and other tricks of the trade. So it really isn't new and has to be done before you tee it up...just like we did when adding gobs of lead tape to the heel to combat a slice...nothing really has changed. I have used a long (48") putter since 1994 and don't have a problem with the belly putters except the argument could be made that I have two contact points where the belly has three. Like anything, if it was the answer, everyone would be using it
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  6. You rent a car. One does not "rent" a caddy unless it is a Cadillac. One "hires" a caddy. And that "Hot Chick" you are fantasizing about is someone's daughter. Show some respect for the game and for those who work to serve us while we play.
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  7. After reading through this thread, needing a break from a heavy requirements engineering meeting, I regret ever posting in it. The question belies a false premise i.e. that there isn't a category mistake committed in asking it. Then folks fail to realize that, start trying to work their way through what passes for reasoning, pick a side and defend it in spite of the fact that neither actually represents a position that corresponds to reality all because the question was ill-formed. We may as well be arguing over which is bluer, a circle or a triangle. Back to the meetings for me...
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  8. I think the first key, possibly all the keys though, deserve their own thread. I would like to discuss the head movement in much more detail so that we can understand what is meant by steady head. Some of the comments regarding vertical movement are very good. Also is the head the same as the upper COG or are the separate? I can find multiple good ball strikers who allow the head to move forward in the swing in order to control the ball flight is that considered bad? Or is steady head just considered not letting it move backwards on the backswing? Maybe I will have to wait for the DVD w
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  9. Indignation 7.5. Coherence 1. Good for you though. I'm on your side.
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  10. 1.) I would go to a club fitter and make sure your driver is fit correctly for your swing. 2.) Once you have a properly fit driver, get on a launch monitor and compare your driver and your 3W. I can pretty much guarantee that if you have a properly fit driver, as a 12 Handicap you should be hitting your driver further - off a tee - than a 3W from the deck. If this is not the case, then you should probably go get a lesson from a professional to determine how to get you into the proper impact area with the driver. Good luck!
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  11. The shot could be a defining moment, and when a defining moment comes along, you define the moment... or the moment defines you. This is the choice it comes down to - this is our immortality.
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  12. Do you really think this? Do you really think it's all about him? Surely you don't think he's that selfish and narcissistic. More likely, like the average player he thinks that someting which used to be an oddity and an embarrassment to the player using it is now almost becoming mainstream, and, generally, I'd say that, like may here, Tiger thinks it's a bad look for the game. And - he thinks it's against what a golf "swing" should be.
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  13. Easy now, guys. Yes, he could probably use a few tips or pointers, but at least his post is coherent, unlike a lot of the other new people that have been starting threads the past few days.
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    • You can order without Arrcos... don’t think you can order with no grip though. Ping actually doesn’t want to do the demo days.  Rather “by appointment “ fittings.  Seems to be their post Covid direction.
    • I recognize that...when this year started I needed to lower my cap 2.9 to reach my goal, as recently as friday, I only needed to lower it 5.4 to reach my goal for this year...   the original improvement for me was lessons. These days, I have all the technical skills, it is more about becoming consistent so I have been matching the practice percentages with the 5 "S"s...both threads you can find on this site.    By practicing the right stuff and successfully I am slowly seeing improvement (where slowly means this past Saturday i shot my best round by 8 strokes this year). The scoreboard doesn't always reflect it yet but I am seeing shots more consistently be closer to what I was trying.    Focused, successful practice I guess is the summary. 
    • Amazing that we are able to get such efficient level of protection with these vaccines. 
    • Thank you No Laying Up, for posting a see it in one shot summary of how to watch the US Open this week. 11 AM to 9PM on Saturday. That's a long stretch!  
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