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  1. Back to the subject at hand, I was the lucky benefactor of a garage cleaning and was given this set of Founders Club Forged 200-Series irons. 2-PW. The picture does not do them justice. Hit maybe a few times, some are not even touched. They are SO Sexy!
  2. I feel it helps some and doesn't help others. Cuz I can't putt with it if my life depended on it. And putting is considered my strength. I feel it completely takes feel out of putting. I can knock the, em in with the belly from 5 and in all day, but if I step back beyond 10-15 my speed control gets worse and worse. And it isn't like I just tried it one day on the putting green....I own one. So I think people like Tiger need to stop their whining. He can't putt period right now...he should be more worried about that.
  3. I did the swing evaluation and signed up with GolfTEC five weeks ago, and had nine lessons in the first month. That may seem like a lot, but I am pretty intense about things I get involved with. I also did just over 20 practice sessions during the same time. Here is a recap of what we covered in my lessons so far: Lesson #1 (1/31/12): pre-shot routine, ball position, stance, grip, tempo and holding finish position Lesson #2 (2/2/12): grip and chipping Lesson #3 (2/7/12): reduce hip turn and depth of backswing Lesson #4 (2/9/12): right knee pointed toward ball at address and on backswing Lesson #5 (2/14/12): left wrist bow and right elbow position at top of backswing Lesson #6 (2/16/12): head tilt at address and putting Lesson #7 (2/21/12): hip turn to start backswing, and drop right shoulder to start downswing Lesson #8 (2/24/12): back rounding during backswing Lesson #9 (2/28/12): down swing club path inside to outside I am very impressed with their system and their coaches. Being able to schedule (and/or reschedule) lessons and practice sessions online is very convenient. Their sequential teaching method absolutely works. And I love the video playback. During the previous six months I hit more than 12,000 practice balls at the driving range, and barely made any advancements. Now I can learn something new, and within an hour or two of practice, I've got it down, and am ready for the next lesson. Just over a month ago, I had the worst golf swing imaginable. Even though we are just now starting to work on the downswing, I can already see that my swing is starting to look as good or better than most of the guys I play with. I feel pretty confident that I will be able to annihilate my previous best score within a couple more months. I give GolfTEC all the credit, and have already sent two of my friends to see them.
  4. I'd love to be able to keep my rear leg straight more on the downswing. I'd like to see a picture or video of you to see just how straight it is. Be careful of trying to flex it too much on the downswing or your upper center will tip back and you could hit fat shots.
  5. From 1983 to 1994, I had all MacGregor MT irons and woods. Only exception was a Bullseye putter. Got the Mac MT irons in 1974, and picked up a custom driver and Sounder 3W and 4W starting the following year. Got MT sand wedge about 1979. In 1983 I traded the custom driver and the Sounders for a MacGregor MT trio. MT driver was OK, but it never caught the ball quite like the deep-faced custom driver I traded for it. Now I have lots of Callaway, but think their wedges have too much bounce. So, I go with Cleveland. Also, putter is Ping, and I have TM Raylor for 5W. To stay a contrarian, I replaced my old Sun Mountain bag with a newer Sun Mt 3.5 stand bag. If any golf club company rep out there think I should play your brand exclusively, make me an offer...
  6. So far in my collection of Ben Hogan irons I have; 1968 - Plus One 1975 - Producer 1979 - Apex II 1999 - Apex Plus 1999 - Apex Pro 2005 - Edge CFT
  7. Yo bro, mine's longer than yours. Deal with it!
  8. I've been a single walker in a group of riders. I've been a walking twosome with a riding twosome. Sometimes us walkers have to wait on almost every shot and other times we struggle to keep up. This can be due to course design and the skill level and playing style of the other players. If all 4 players hit decent drives and there's no "cart paths only" rule, then the riders will get to their balls first. In my experience two good players with good etiquette sharing a cart can really fly along.Unfortunately finding two good golfers with etiquette is rare enough, but finding them sharing the same cart is like winning the lottery. It's possible, and I've seen it and read about it, so I know it happens, but it's never happened to me personally. I like k-troops thoughts. I prefer to walk, but if we're all in play or we're headed to a distant teebox, of course I'll jump on the back or hold my bag while they scoosh over. It's not rocket science - are the walking police going to give me a ticket if I ride for a couple hundred yards?
  9. Bethpage Black - Played as a single and lucky.
  10. I don't agree with this. Since it's as unreasonable to demand someone play speed golf as it is to insist on taking five minutes standing over a shot, it's quite natural and responsible to compare your pace and sense of what's reasonable to other players. This is true, and ridiculous. Time spent on the green is a much more justifiable investment than time on a tee shot or approach. Even the pros are happy to hit a tee shot within a few yards of a target, so quibbling over exact line, etc, is pointless on the tee. On the green, a fairly good putter can actually benefit from a little more consideration of the shot. For me, it's that consideration that is paramount. Do you actually benefit from taking the extra time? If so, you're not wasting time, you're just taking time. As long as your overall pace is acceptable, there's no problem. On the other hand, if you're spending 3 minutes studying a putt, then missing by 10 feet every time, you need to just hurry up and hit, then work on your putting/green reading at the practice green.
  11. Exactly, the more credence you give it, the more you help him sell books. He should not waste anymore time responding to this nonsense.
  12. This book is Hank's take on his time with Tiger ... his observations, opinions, and what he says occurred. Nothing more... It may reflect on Tiger, but it is Hank's reality or opinion, not Tiger's. To put it in perspective, it's no big deal. If I were Tiger's agent, I'd just say it's Hank's opinion and his version of reality ... nothing more.
  13. Played the B330 RX for a while and absolutely nothing wrong with the ball. Went back to the Srixon Z-Star as it just seems to putt better for me. Of course that's personal choice and will depend on putter type as well, but for me the Srixon just tipped it on the putting feed-back. Again, can't fault the Bridgestone overall, but the Srixon just won out on the putting.
  14. OK, played the tournament this past weekend. Did about as well as I expected (87-83) but did not make the match play playoffs, in fact missing by one shot. The first shot went fine - picked 8 iron and landed about 5 feet short of the green. Chipped up and putted for bogey. Usually I am a really solid short game player, but that day I couldn't get up and down to save my life - I was just way too conservative. Most holes were driver, iron near the green, chip/pitch, two putts, bogey. First day I was so nervous it was hard to think or do anything else. I played safe, bogey golf most of the round and grabbed a few pars here and there. Very safe. After the first, I was mid-bottom of the scores, so at the start of the 2nd day I had no pressure. For 2nd day, I loosened up a bit, and had one of my best rounds ever going (-1 through 7 holes) which had people grumbling about my handicap in my group (I guess they didn't see the big board and my 87 the day before...?). I parred every hole except a very short par 4, where a huge driver (about 280 - the book that added 60 yards to my driver will be subject of an upcoming glowing review on ST - its "Fix your body fix your swing") - LW from 30 yards gave me a 5 footer for birdie which I hit. Then the wheels came flying off. The 8th hole is a long par 4 with trees up the right side and water on the left. The fairway is big, but only opens up past a big bunker on the right side (just infront of the trees) about 260. The player's play is to take dead aim at the bunker and carry it, cutting off the dogleg around that bunker. If you can carry that bunker, its a birdie hole. However, if you can't, or you try and fail, a huge tree branch makes it impossible to advance the ball forward. So, I'm feeling really good after a bomb off the last tee. Usually, I hit a punch hybrid off the tee out left, coming to rest about 40 yards short of the bunker and left, then hit a high hybrid at the green. When I do that, I'm looking at worst bogey, and sometimes I'll get a par or a birdie putt. I don't know what went through my head. It was like some insane person had taken over my body. I said "I'm going to clear this thing". Stepped up to the tee, and swung *hard* - completely over the top, everything flying everywhere, the usual disaster when you say "I'm hitting this hard" in your head. Ball comes out with a vicious fade, line drive and buries itself in the bunker. Uh oh. So I get up to the ball and usually I would just pitch out low and forward, under the tree branch, to about a 7 iron and eat my probably bogey or double. However, I don't really know what happened, I remember thinking "i am -1, I can't take a bogey", and pulled my four iron, trying to hit a high long iron out of a bunker over the tree branch to the green. I caught it really well, but not nearly high enough, a huge THWACK and the ball is running dead right into another fairway. By the time I get to it I'm now about 240 from the green. I hit 3 wood, and hit a decent one, slicing out to the right and I think I might get out with double. When I got up to my ball, it had come to rest directly under a canopy of branches. I, again, in retrospect, should have just punched out with a gap wedge or something and rolled it up close to the green. Instead, i was fuming mad at this bad luck (it rested under the one branch by the green!) after hitting a nice 3w and, determined not to loose the stroke, I tried to hit a SW around the branch. Another sickening THWACK and the ball is rolling behind me again, down the other fairway I had just come from. This time I was so angry my face was just burning up. I mumbled "sorry" to the other players already on the green, turned around, trudged after my ball, pulled an 8 iron, and hit it over the green. After chipping up and putting, I had about a 2 footer. I was so angry at my triple I didn't go through my routine and just banged it at the hole, expecting it to drop. It rimmed out! Now, I'm just so angry I can't think, and luckily hit the 4 footer I had left for a round-killing 8. Now, here is where it is juts crazy - I remember I was so angry, thinking I was out of it, calling myself every name in the book and... I was +3 heading to the ninth tee! Thats *still* close to as good as I can play, and if you had told me that morning I'd be +3 after eight I'd've been ecstatic. However, because of the way it happened, I was so angry with myself. It is crazy looking back, but felt totally justified in the tournament moment. Now here is where it gets even more messed up. The next hole is a par 4, short, a par hole for me, with water about 265 down the fairway. I don't remember what I was thinking, just that I couldn't wait to hit the ball again. Pulled driver (what was I doing?) and hit it as hard as I could again, hitting a screaming hook into the fairway bunker to the left. I cursed (for the first time probably in playing golf) and pulled 5 iron. What I should have done (and what I would have done in an afternoon round) is pull PW and hit to the fat part of the fairway then hit a second wedge to the green. A bogey there and I am +4 for the first nine, which is fantastic! However, all I could think of was that I ruined my -1 start and had to make up for it. I hit the 5i thin, it hit the bunker lip, flew up in the air, and splashed into the water I had narrowly missed from the tee. After dropping, I chunked a six iron, hit a nice wedge, and putted out for a 7. Luckily that was the turn, and we had 30 minutes or so to wait (b/c of the shotgun start, things really piled up on the 10th tee, a par 5, for some reason). I was able to compose my emotions enough to have a good back nine and shoot 83 for the day. However, if I had been able to just swallow my pride and take bogey or even double on those two holes I would have advanced. The thing about it that was really wierd is that has never happened to me on a golf course. It was like I was seeing red. At the time, everything made sense, but looking back on it I was just like on tilt or something. I was so upset and playing so fast it all just fell apart in about 8 minutes. So, obviously I need to get my mental game better. I ordered "Golf is not a game of perfect" and have started to read it, and it is a good book. I am not a player who I would think would have done something like this, but it was like a runaway train - I KNEW what i was doing was wrong, but I was so mad at myself I did it anyway. Anyway, thought I'd post up what happened. Playing in another tourrnament in late March and will make it a goal to think about every shot. It was a good experience and I recommend anyone to try tournament golf. I thought I was pretty strong mentally but I had a total breakdown on those two holes.
  15. Podcasts? Okay, I'm game. Here's some of what I've downloaded this week: Comedy Bang Bang: Grammy Spectatular (with "Weird Al" Yankovic, Todd Glass, and not really Liza Minnelli) The Smartest Man in the World: Papers (Greg Proops; do not click if expecting "Whose Line" zaniness) Thrilling Adventure Hour: Sparks Nevada, Marshal of Mars, "Do the Fight Thing" (a comedic homage to old-time radio serials) 99% Invisible: US Postal Service Stamps (a narrative series on architecture and design) I won't bore anybody with the other various news and political podcasts or public radio shows I subscribe to (since last week's This American Life episode was a repeat from 15 years ago, and I cannot recommend it).
  16. You rent a car. One does not "rent" a caddy unless it is a Cadillac. One "hires" a caddy. And that "Hot Chick" you are fantasizing about is someone's daughter. Show some respect for the game and for those who work to serve us while we play.
  17. I usually let out a bloodcurdling scream and then just take it back nice and easy.
  18. Sam Snead Blue Ridge blades. You´d get a set of them off ebay pretty cheaply. They´re really old but they´re the nicest irons I´ve ever hit.
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    • There are a handful of players who were in their mid-30s when I began watching golf who are just now qualifying for the Champions Tour.  In theory, I can watch them compete against a field of other players like them.  Jim Furyk and Phil Mickelson are in this set.  I don't really know my preference order behind the PGA Tour.  There's a Champions Tour event that, most years, is near to where I moved about a year ago.  It wasn't held this year I think.  I do plan to go, and I also have planned several years to go to an LPGA event near my parents.  It hasn't happened. I guess the answer is, I say I care about CT more than I really do.
    • Plans for this week include reading the next chapter of Keep Your Eye off the Puck and watching a game or two to apply what I've learned about how to watch hockey.  
    • But with a putter, played on a decent length course, say like 6,600-6,700+ yds, you're almost never going to get a GIR, where with driver, you will at least have multiple chances. I mean depending on the course and forced carries, it's possible that some people might not even be able to carry a putter over a forced carry off the tee which would add up strokes in a hurry.
    • Decided this year, due mostly to covid, to start using the balls that are sitting in boxes and bags in my garage. I don't even know where they come from...balls found on the course...bin buys..whatever.. Started the year at a 23 cap. Currently at an even 18. The majority of them are either titleist or Bridgestone... I can't tell the difference. I hit 3 or 4 approach shots to two feet yesterday...hit and stuck...had a few others roll out a little but nothing disastrous. When I hit a crappy shot, its not ball related.
    • I think driver the entire round, not because I would destroy the putter after a few holes (don't have that kind of swing speed) but rather it would be a more versatile club.  I have a good friend who regularly hits driver off the fairway when he wants more of a low stinger type shot. Would be fun to try one round - would definitely make shot placement key!  

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