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    • Same here. Why on earth is your course taking tee times for the back nine before 10 in the morning?!  Makes no sense whatsoever. If I was making the turn at that time and saw a new group in front of us, I'd be pissed! At them and at the course!
    • Hi Ace Hmmmm....another issue at the club you've resigned from....I'm shocked...LMAO....as I've said many times before...this club/course is a GONG SHOW. The mistake seems to stem from a booking issue....a 730am start time on A and your 930am start time on B. Your group had already teed off at 930am before the turned group got to the tee....if I was in your group....I would have told the starter to "pound sand"....and the group behind can wait....what's 10 more minutes. If the 730am A group was at B already before your group was on the tee...then they should go ahead and play and then your group would wait the 10 additional minutes. These type of issues must be a daily occurrence at a 27 hole facility.....many groups will play slower or faster than the 2 hour 9 hole pace.....golfers just have to show a bit of patience......it's a 10 minute delay. As I said before....2 groups seems to be playing B at 930am...you had already teed off. Besides.....if I was in the 730am group to turn on B....I'd let your group go ahead so I could tell all my POSER golf partners..."look at Ace....watch her play golf for the next 9 holes....you could all learn something.....that's how a 5.5  cap plays golf"😁 Just think positively....you only have a month left at this club....but when you're gone....I will miss all your posts about all the NONSENSE that happens at your club.....I don't think you'll have many DRAMA posts from Paako.  
    • So last Friday I bought a dozen ProV1s and TP5s for me and my son to play Friday and Tuesday. Just now bought a set of M6 irons for my son. 
    • 91 tuesday.  Good round after a triple digit disaster a couple of days before.  

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