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    • Mine happened to me but wasn't hit by me. I was playing in a modified stableford competition and I was playing lights out. I had a big lead over the rest of the guys in my flight. Going into the last hole I had an 8 point lead over the guy in second place. In our tournament the scoring looked like this Double eagle +12 Eagle +6 Birdie +3 Par +1 Bogey 0 Double bogey or worse - 2 The last hole was a par 5, I literally just had to finish the hole to win. I hit my drive right down the middle of the fairway, The guy in second place hits his well but into the left rough. He has 240 yards to the hole, he hits his second shot, it lands short of the green takes a giant bounce and rolls into the hole for a double eagle. I knock it on and two putt for birdie and get beat by one point. I couldn't believe it. Worst thing was our flight was so small they only paid one place.
    • I would always rather putt, but that doesn't mean I would putt in this scenario. As others have mentioned there is not enough information to make a specific judgement.  From off the green a good putt and a good chip will have the same result, but a bad putt will usually end up closer than a bad chip.
    • In this case it wasn't a lucky skip, it ended up at least 20 yards past.  But, the driver will eventually be the right club.  Right now, if I want to shoot 90 or less, I need to take double out of play as much as possible, I think.  It's so hard to get those back.  And going over the fence is almost certainly double, if not worse.  If I was good at the game, and trying to shoot 80, then trying to take advantage of the birdie hole would make sense.  Maybe I am being too defensive right now?  Or maybe that's where my game is?  It's a bit of a conundrum.  But I appreciate the feedback!
    • I thought that too, but can't find the specific rule.  Can you point me to it?

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