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    • The bulk of my comment was fairly clearly, IMO, directed at @Hugh Jars. The purpose of the forum is to discuss ways to get better, not to just say "you're all a bunch of idiots" and then leave for another two weeks before swinging by to ignore everything else said in the meantime.
    • I'm not the one ripping anybody, just pointing out the facts.  I'm not a drive by, I have a comment early in this discussion, it apparently was not prevalent as to have reply.  It was simple.  I joined this place since I was re-starting golf as a recreation after 16 years away to learn about new equipment and anything I might need to enjoy the game more.  I also am not one to comment on ever little issue that I might have opinion, seems to be plenty of that without my 2cents.  But believe me, I am here from time to time.  top of this forum states 'course management strategies to break 90' and I am in this particular point in my game.  OK? sorry for the defensive attitude, I am not used to commenting back for such but ...
    • For the advancement in the "post-season"? Yes. Natalie (my daughter) had to win her District tournament (36 holes, Thursday and Saturday) to move out of District X to regionals. She had to be in the top five out of ten players at regionals to move on to States. WPIAL has their own system. I think you have to shoot a qualifying score to move out of WPIAL (basically their "district") to regionals, and then you're in the same regional tournament. So this girl is choosing to play against boys, but gets to play from only 85% of the distance of the boys.
    • @burr, what does it say at the top of this forum? https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/12-instruction-and-playing-tips/ Besides, the description you quoted is for the site, and it's not "talking golf" to just rip on people, not reply to the questions asked of you, drive-by comment, etc. as @Hugh Jars has done. If you're going to talk golf, then talk.
    • I'm positive that Harbaugh isn't going anywhere before the season ends. After that, who knows. Whether it has looked likely or not, there's still time for TTUN to do some big things this year. But, I would think losing to the Buckeyes for the fifth time in a row and not playing in the league championship may stick a fork in him.  Even before the OSU game, stuff might get real ugly in Ann Arbor if TTUN doesn't beat Sparty.

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