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    • At his level, its all between his ears and coming out via his swing. That's an obvious oversimplification of the situation but he just doesn't have that confident swagger thing going on. I watched him hit the one OB where Faldo was questioning his set-up and then yank. I have to think when you lose your confidence to some degree from a 10 to say a 7 you got to get it back up there on that big stage. Seems like any weakness is exploited at that level especially the mental game. I could be totally off base. 
    • He loves his dad and his special word! 🤣 Again, as the adjective it takes on an almost nonsensical meaning. But combine it with a few special super duper cuss words and now its game on. 
    • I broke my Callaway XR16 last year after a very solid tee shot that didn’t touch the ground! I had that driver for 3 years and I mainly make contact with the ball closer to the heel and I hit at least 50 drives every day for 3 years. I was told it was age, overuse and “too soft” a flex (women’s shaft) that caused the snap. I have since purchased new drivers and changed to men’s shaft.
    • It happened to me once. A callaway hawkeye. My first own driver. Believe it was third strike on the driving range and the clubhead flew 50 metres forward in a great low spin trajectory. I then learned that this particular model was notorious to break like this. Amazing that this happens on an object where you are supposed to hit solid objects at great speed with.
    • And I’m so close! But no fans allowed!😪

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