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  1. You are a very short hitter for your age and your swing speed is pretty slow, Until you are hitting the ball reasonable differences, I would stick with what you have. But you are doing the right thing by asking people who've never seen you hit a ball what you should be using. It's an excellent strategy. Being a 16 year old off 3, there wouldn't be any local pros who know your game who could help you at all. You are longer than Gary Woodland but short of Bubba Watson. Makes us want to help you out. EK RANK LAST WEEK
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  2. Just leave the fat people alone already. Quit being such a snob. You're not perfect either. Let's see a photo of you? What do you have one eye or something? What's your problem? You are judging people by there physical appearance. Don't be an A-HOLE!
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  3. It's big belly day on the PGA Tour. Petterson, Knost, Weekley. All could use less buffet and more sit-ups. Shorty's right... and I'm somewhere between Knost and Petterson physique wise.
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  4. Well, she certainly couldn't get her dress up any more. So nice of her to give the young man in the motorized contrivance a moment, though.
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  5. I'm halfway through chapter 5, and I thought I would give some initial reactions. The overall theme of this book is Haney, not Tiger. As he drifts (somewhat aimlessly) from topic to topic, he'll describe some personality trait of Tiger. Then HH goes to great lengths to explain how he has the same personality trait--basically an argument that he and Tiger are the same person in forms of intensity, competitive desire, and the burden that goes along with being the best at something. He explains every interaction in terms of how it made HH feel. He spends a lot of time trying to b
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  6. Regarding lie adjustments. Clubs have a material memory to them. If you bend a set 2 degrees upright, over time they will likely bend back some. Also if you have cast irons, make sure the guy bending your irons knows what he's doing. I've seen irons snapped off in the vise.
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    • I guess it's easier for some people to think that their enemy is a cult rather than a bunch of informed individuals. Saves one the bother of introspection. 🙃
    • I am watching that thread.  Just in wait & see mode
    • Nah. Folks like Thomas can't fathom that a bunch of people can independently arrive at the conclusion that he's a dope. So it must be that I have "minions" (his words) who just suck up to me. Ha. As if.
    • I applaud this for the simple reason that there has to come a time when people are called out for who they really are - even though  in this case the perpetrator proudly demands that we know what he is -  despite gentle and not so gentle prodding with regard to at most getting a simple education and at the least showing the capacity for understanding simple concepts that one assumes most of us share, but sadly, don't. It's one thing to be belligerent, crude, crass, grumpy and just plain dumb, but to be so wilfully and proudly out of touch is something else. To essentially mock a movement that is designed to create inclusivity and recognise an ugly history and see it as a joke is about as low as it gets. Now more than ever, this sort of mentality needs to be called out.  Rant over.    
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