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  1. You could always make $14 the hard way. Sorry, I couldn't resist after the above posts.
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  2. I've often thought of becoming a golf club.
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  3. He also said he was a 6 handicap in another post... This is pathetic!
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  4. From an earlier post of yours * used to have the same problem my golf instructor told me the reason why i hit things skinny and chunky is because my back swing was so fast that i couldnt change gears so he told me to have a nice smooth swing so pretty much a slow back swing and swing just a little harder on your down swing* Since you are lying about instruction - what else are you lying about? Get a job or 3 - dont spam/scam us.
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  5. I think you're failing to see that a lot of people on this forum are actual golfers who recall where they were at that point in the process. He should be an amazing putter right now, but bas on his videos he has no aptitude of any kind the closer he gets to the hole - sort of says a lot considering he spend a lot of time on that "one thing". Every example cited where somebody seemed to unlock some secret golf talent in a relatively short amount of time, it's a person who already was proficient at another type of stick and ball sport and transitioned to golf. At 30 years old he didn't even know
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  6. Well, I don't know how many people will see this (if any) but I'm very happy to say that I shot 108 yesterday from the blue tees. I hit double bogey or better on 72% of holes. My putting was 2.22 putts per hole. I reached the green in regulation +1 on 27% of holes. (this is where i could use a little improvement) I escaped the three bunkers I found in one shot each. I never found water, though there is plenty of water to be found on this course. I'm pretty happy, but I don't want to be disappointed when I go out next time and shoot over 110. I'm just g
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  7. in to out with open club face = pull slice, straight slice,...not push slice as described
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  8. Okay interesting question and can be quite long, starting from the current and working back: golf, league bowling, reading, light hiking, fishing bait casting and flyfishing, woodworking, gardening vegetable and flower, car repairs including engine building and car rebuilding, work - transportation on the maintenance side of management, union leadership, home repairs including interior and exterior painting, hiking/backpacking including hikes 10,000+ft elevation, competitive shooting including trap, international skeet, highpower service rifle, pistol bullseye shooting and bowling pin
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  9. You would be amazed at how some people can throw logic out the window when it comes to defending their positions. It's almost like debating religion. My all-time favorite was a guy on the old GC board years ago, who seriously asserted that since Jack's competition was three times better than Tiger's, Tiger needed 55 majors to beat Jack's record. Also, you mention current numbers, which is not unreasonable at this stage of Tiger's career. But people were doing the same thing in 2001 --- comparing Tiger's career stats after five years, with Jack's 25+ years, as if it proved anything. What's
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  10. for fun last year i had my gf help me out. i bought a box of 6 different dozen balls, and had her (without me knowing) mark all the balls up the same way, permanent marking over lines, numbers, logos, etc...in the spring i always played the same course after work...she'd give me two sleeves (she knew which ones they were based on putting a 1 and a 2 on the sleeve) and i'd use each one for each 9. i'd write down at the turn at the 19th hole what i felt about each one and she marked what balls they were, and kept the reviews till i was done testing. did this till i got through the 6 different ba
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  11. Translation: I really like the Titleist NXT Tour S. It has more spin and softer feel that the previous generation of NXT Tour and as an added bonus, it is available to consumers in high optic yellow.
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    • Adding tackling to golf could make things interesting...
    • Rugby League (not Rugby, that means Rugby Union) isn't really like American Football, but it is a faster and tougher game and some of the players only wear very light padding. Most wear none. Do not mistake "Rugby" for Rugby League. My point is that if you think he's talking about tackling and you look up Rugby you'll see Rugby Union, which is a running and passing game. They don't tackle like in League. I'm not making a comment about American Football. I love it.   
    • No - but if you said that the article said that the vaccine rather than the virus caused these issues it would be shared around the vaccine skeptics within seconds. None of them would read it and it would definitely qualify as "research".
    • Day 79.  Got video today, I have to process to upload to evolvr.  I did a wall drill on video and also did an attempt at a slow swing with a 6-iron on video;  did some practice with each prior to filming. 
    • I want to see them try to turn that into a "Get the Vaccination" TV commercial.
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