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  1. I like mine better than all of yours, what do you think? Scale of 1 to 10.
  2. well a collar is the first cut of grass around greens usually(sometimes called the fringe) and it means just as it says..don't take a divot when you're hitting a chip or a pitch from the collar.
  3. Have you tried yelling POW right before impact, you know, so the ball knows what's coming?
  4. I teed off about 4:45 AM and played until about 8:55 PM. Sunrise is about 5:15 and sunset is about 8:25 around that time of year.
  5. I think that HH knows more about Tiger's attitude towards receiving putting advice than you do Erik. I don't think it's even close.
  6. So English and math are BOTH your weak points? These stats are readily available. There is only one pro whose GIR is 95% on approaches less than 100 yards , but you claim that they are all at 95% for approaches of 200 yards. OK. And I'm sorry to break it to you but either your dad is lying to you or you have no clue as to what 200 yards is. The best pro on 200+ yard approaches, Chris Couch, is at 60% and there are only a half dozen (that's 6) guys who are over 55%.. So you've just conclusively demonstrated that you don't know what the hell you're talking about. And it seems to me that back when I wrote code it had to be syntactically correct. So writing correctly should be habitual for someone who writes code. But if you would rather portray yourself as ignorant both in what you say and how you say it, have at it. And in your particular case you're right, you shouldn't go out on the course until you can hit the green 80% of the time from 200 yards.
  7. Don't take it personally. A lot of people with jobs that require them to interact with people take offense when the English language is completely mangled beyond recognition. It's not that you are stupid, it is just that you look stupid to someone who's only connection to you is one completely illegible paragraph. I'm sure you'd feel the same way if I was trying to write code. To answer your question, there is no "right" answer. You can improve by going to the driving range, but as was stated earlier, there are limitations. You can also improve greatly by playing, but it can be pretty frustrating if you can't consistently execute the golf swing enough to move your way around the course. Or, put another way, "U shuud elway perktace yer gaym, ether at the rainj oar on the cors."
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    • My first year in a league, back in 2008, I went into the final round with a lead. The reason I had the lead, even though I was a new golfer, was my handicap improved throughout the season because it was the first season I golfed more than once. But I scored a lot of points. It was mostly work guys in the league. They paired the top four in my group. These guys were talkers too. They tried to get in my head on the first hole. I striped it down the center. Every time they talked I would hit a good shot just to see the look on their face. When they hit a bad shot, I said nothing. In fact, I didn’t talk much at all. Coming into the penultimate hole, I had at least a two shot lead, maybe more because they weren’t playing well. It was a downhill par 3 with lots of trouble around but not very long. They went with their go to, “Geez, lots of trouble on this hole.” I walked up and hit a 9 iron to about 15 feet away. I didn’t even pay attention to their shots. I looked at the trees and birds and the lovely foliage. I might have made a comment about the foliage. Birdied the hole. The last hole it was very quiet. It was my best round of the season. I still have the trophy.
    • I already knew this, but it was depressing to see the visualization of I'm getting the vaccine after like 90% of Americans 😠 Yeah honestly they have the whole thing backwards. Health and essential workers to the front for sure. But after that it should be by ordered to maximize years of life saved. Of course, that would conveniently put me near the front of the line... I haven't done the calculations but my guess given the mortality by age and number of likely years of life left, that would put 40 and 50 somethings at the front of the general population line, which would include, me
    • I posted elsehwere, but I wonder why they have young adults and children ahead of a 50-year-old? Isn't the 50yo more likely to develop more severe symptoms, require hospitalization, and/or die?
    • My typical golf partner in league got chastised by another golfer for standing really close to him when he wanted to putt. He said something like, "So, this is the type of games you like to play". My partner was just being absent minded. He could be that way from time to time. 
    • I feel like this should have had a poll.  To get a nGIR and GIR, probably a 5 iron. I don't like my 4-iron. Its been a trouble club for me. I am cool with my 5-iron, and then my 2-hybrid. 5-iron. 

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