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    • OK -  let me make one final post on this as this horse is well and truly beaten. Just so that I'm fully clear on where you stand in the context of this particular discussion.  Please indulge me. 1. What they DID matters. 2. Why we THINK they did it doesn't matter. 3. Your (and my) opinion of what they did or why they did it is irrelevant 4. The only relevant discussion is the penalty for the infringement. 5. A person's opinion of the character any of the people under discussion has nothing to do with the thread. 6. Anything beyond that is essentially moot. Is that a fair summation?  
    • Not true. Then the conversation ends there, as one cannot suspend a player based on what you think they were thinking.
    • The video evidence is conclusive, I believe, but I understand the semantics of the notion of "proof". I get that. Yep  - I am assuming intent and I fully believe that they intended to cheat. I could not prove it in court and my prejudice may mean that they would have a field day with me in court. I don;t want to be  Suffice to say that it is obvious to many that they both deliberately and blatantly cheated - but you cannot prove intent because you can't prove what someone thought. I am not going to assume that you are playing the devil's advocate or simply  trying not to prove something unprovable or making a philosophical point - I get that you are basically coming down on the side of what can or cannot be reasonably assumed. And that is more than reasonable. I am happy to be o the side of Peter Kostis, Brooks Koepka, Cam Smith and presumably many others. And yes.....I get that your critique of my position applies equally to them. And that is perfectly fair.      
    • Day 3: Mirror work again today. Working on getting steeper in the takeaway.
    • It’s not just jacking the lofts. New technology has changed the MOI, perimeter weighting, etc and in doing so change the dynamics ( launch angle for example) so they have to make a 7i with less loft to make it still act like a 7i as far as expected spin rate and ball flight ( height). But yes, knowing your distances with your clubs is the real focus without regard to the number in the club.

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