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    • So at the position above, you try to see the club face? If so, I would say that is definitely something you DO NOT want to do and it's just adding to your inconsistency issues. It may feel weird at first probably but you should get used to it soon  If you look at the position of your hands at the top of your swing, they are very close to your head. You want your hands to be as far away from your head/body as you can (to an extent). I don't have a perfect swing by any means, but see how my hands are much further away from my head and how my lead arm (left) doesn't have any bend to it causing a 90 degree angle with the shaft? Whereas the angle of your lead arm and the shaft looks to be around 40-50 degrees.  Does make any sense? haha    
    • If you have a shot that more or less works for you, that's a good one to practice.  Otherwise, learning how to do a basic chip and a basic pitch, and how to, from a lot of different short game situations, get the ball onto the green (so that your next shot is a putt;  30' putt is preferred over a second short-game shot) is a good use of your time.  If you can get yourself to the point (pitching, chipping, and putting) where, from many short-game positions, you can get onto the green in such a position that a two-putt is likely, you're well on your way to a lower handicap.  The really good news is, once you get better at a few basic short game shots, they're fairly easy to maintain -- allowing you to spend time working on your full swing, which will lower your handicap quite a bit more.  Here's a great thread on pitch technique:  One last bit:  if you're 45 yards out, or 65 yards out, do you know what your plan is to get the ball on the green from there?  
    • Survived the trip to Pinehurst and back- so far.  Will love to go back again sometime, but probably not in mid-July!   I grew up in Florida and do not remember heat and humidity like this past few days.  Definitely think that we needed more time to get around to all the things we wanted to do and see.  Managed to play 2,4,5,7,8, 9 and the Cradle from Thursday afternoon to Sunday am, but after all that golf I had very little left in me to go out and see the sights.  We did manage to go to the Brewery and swing by the Holly Inn (stayed at Carolina) but after all that golf - and four trips into the main clubhouse to shop for souvenirs - i was done.  A few thoughts... 1) Taking a caddy or at least a forecaddy is awesome.  Walter forcaddied for us on #2 on Saturday while we used push carts, and there seems no coincidence that this was the only good score for the week (75),  His stories and insight to the course especially on the greens were invaluable.  I wish he had been with us on #4, because i was LOST and managed a crowd pleasing 90 there the day before 2) Everywhere we went in Pinehurst folks were amazing. Guests, employees, locals were all very friendly and made us feel welcome. Not so much at #9, though.  We started at #7 (80) on Thursday pretty much straight from the airport, and there was someone in the parking lot welcoming us and he told us all about the course, tips and details about the course.  At #9 (84) we had to go look for someone to acknowledge that we were even there.  We had to go find a cart ourselves and figure out where the first tee was.  No starter, nothing.  Fun course, and it was more familiar to play one round on some bent grass (the Bermuda got me good down there...)  3) I thought #8 may have been the hardest course for us.  Maybe we just got on the wrong sides of more greens or something, but man it was tough out there.  I thought i was playing decently but the green complexes tore me up.  lots of three putts en route to an 86.  4) #5 was a fun round, but i thought it seemed really nothing that special.  Looked like a 50 year old course that ran through a 50 year old neighborhood that could have been anywhere i have lived. 5) The Cradle was cool, and looks to be even more fun the bigger the group. 6) Thistle Du... i putted so many off the green... 7) I wanna go back...
    • Day 26.  Went to the range this morning;  about a dozen or so balls (shared a small bucket), usual priorities, but also made a point of getting video, so my swings were dominated by my 6-iron.  Did some putting but no drills;  made three 12-footers in a row (from slightly different positions).  I remember back in the day when 12 footers felt like a pipe dream! 
    • Sorry in advance for this but as a student and guy who bought the book and read it a few times - is there a thought about adding some coupons again sometime soon? 😬

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