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    • Curious if anyone else feels completely awkward doing the off hand swings. I’ve been doing superspeed for about 10 weeks now and I still feel like a clumsy idiot swinging lefty.
    • At $200 a round, I imagine you'll have the place to yourself most of the time. 
    • Yes, and @ellamia’s writing is just awful, it comes off like a bad caricature of an infomercial. I doubt any TST golf enthusiasts would bite on such garbage. I did a quick google search and the same content has popped up on a couple other well known golf sites, that I’ll leave unnamed. Definitely a shill of some sort. 
    • Honestly, thanks to Erik, the moderators, forum leaders, and the collective brotherhood here, I think the TST crowd is too knowledgeable and well-educated about golf to fall for stupid infomercial crap like this. Guys like this pray on the poor uneducated saps trying to enjoy the game and it’s sad. He should be ashamed of himself. 
    • The GM and director of membership called soon after I emailed them my notice. I told them the issue with tee times and how the lottery is rigged to allow the same people to get tee times, and I was told I wasn’t the only one quitting and complaining about tee times.  There are not too many options in my town and this club offers a great deal, and perhaps that is the problem - too many members. Many live within the community so they don’t really have the option to leave. My new club only has 40 members but a 30-min drive away. It is also a difficult and expensive course so not many want to join there.

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