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    • Totally forgot that was last night. Hooray for on-demand television.
    • I carry 4 wedges, and yes I use all of them. Sand wedge is my most used wedge as it’s my usual all purpose around the green kind of tool. Pitching wedge is the highest lofted club I’ll take a full crack at usually, and will use it for a bump and run every now and then. AW i typically utilize as partial wedge to fill a gap. Lob wedge used to be the all purpose wedge, but now is only used one day or twice a round when I want the ball to stop quickly or get it up in the air even quicker.
    • North wind at 25 with gusts to 45 mph. Cold front supposed to be through my area by 5 p.m., CST. Currently 57*. Actually, if it wasn't for the wind, I would be playing. So, watching "Charlie's Angels" and planning on tomorrow or Wednesday. Retired Old Man
    • Ah...well...the LPGA players may have some issues with the greens no? Pin placements? I think it’d be fine and I’d like to watch it.
    • No, I'm saying it's exactly like my 9i but with more loft. There are no wedge-like elements to it at all and calling it a "wedge" is a bit of a misnomer IMO.

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