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  1. Just over a year ago I posted a thread and suggested everyone re-evaluate "hitting up with the driver." I take my own advice to all of you (to question everything) to heart, and I've spent - off and on - the past year re-evaluating this advice myself. And after a year more of instruction, consideration, and thought, earlier this week I proposed to Dave that we stop teaching people to hit draws with the driver and allow for perhaps a bit more of a fade pattern - a straight fade pattern. I know I've helped make popular these charts showing that the average PGA Tour player hits down o
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  2. That's once you get in. But the smaller the field, the harder it is to get in. So do you look at which is harder to win starting from scratch, or which is harder to win starting from the first tee? Maybe the reason the Masters has so many repeat champs is because they have lifetime exemptions. Nicklaus would not have qualified for the 1986 Masters if it gave, say, a ten-year exemption for Masters winners, and a five-year exemption to winners of other majors, which is the scheme the US Open uses (ten years for US Open winners, and five years for the other three). The PGA and British also
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  3. I think the notion that one of the majors is the most difficult to win is kind of silly, IMO. Doesn't each one have exactly one winner? Now if we want to talk about the hardest one to win for a particular player that might make sense. Clearly the US Open was the hardest one for Sam Snead to win. The PGA was the hardest for Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson. The Masters was the hardest one for Lee Trevino. The British Open was the hardest for Ray Floyd.
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  4. Long ago, say 1954, Bobby Locke, on the final hole of the British Open, marked his ball one putter head to the side as requested. When Bobby's turn to putt, he placed his ball at the marker, not one putter head off. Bobby made the putt, won the tourney. Later on the old timey newsreel this error was found and weeks later the R&A; ruled 'no harm no foul', results stand. The rulesmakers decided that Bobby gained no advantage in his error. We cannot argue with the judge.
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  5. Sure, some clubs from one model might benefit a player over clubs from another model. But the scale is way off for that comparison. Irons, drivers, etc, have detailed specs they have to conform to. Ultimately any difference between clubs comes down to using the clubs the same way while getting a different experience from them. But anchored putters change how the club is actually used, which is very different. That's really the crux of the complaint against anchored putters: That they change a fundamental manner in which the putter is used.
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  7. Everyone has heard about Jose Manuel Lara being DQ'ed after his caddy attempted to hide a 15th club in the bushes at the BMW International Open in Germany. Now it has been announced that his caddy, Mathias Vinson, has been banned indefinitely from the European Tour . Too harsh? Your thoughts
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  8. Yesterday we teed off at 9am. Thinking we'd beat the heat, I had been looking forward to our Sunday round all week. But what started as a beautiful day here in N Tx quickly turned into a sweltering sweat-fest. My drive off the first tee was tremendous, fading around the dog leg right to about 80 yards from the green. My approach was flawless, and my rusty Vokey 52 put the ball about 8 feet from the pin. I two putted for par. It would be another 5 or 6 holes before I managed to repeat what I'd done on the first hole. The humidity hunkered in like an invisible fog. The air temperat
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  9. 76 this morning while playing a round withe coach/club pro. Beat him for the first time ever, he shot a 78, mostly due to two very unlucky drives, but I still beat him. I booked an amazing eagle from 187 yards on 16 after a horrible tee shot. My first ever full swing shot to the hole with anything but a wedge. Hit a beautiful 25* Hybrid, crossed the hazard in front of the green, bounced twice straight towards the flag, rolled in the cup for my third eagle of 2012. I even saved the ball to put up in my trophy mantle, as I have with all my big golf firsts, like first eagle, first birdie,
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  10. Had a pretty great day. Tough course especially for a 16 handicap rated 72.6 with a slope of 130. Started off par par par then then went 6 over til I got another par then a double bogey to end the front 9 (+8 on the front). Then I drove the green on a dog leg left against my better judgement ended up just over the bunker. Started the back 9 with a birdie. Then play got really slow and then hole 11 par 5. My drive sliced and landed under a tree. Punched out like 10 yards. Then snap hooked a 5 iron into the fairway bunker. 135 yards out with my 4th shot I put it about 15 feet from the green. Jus
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  11. he had two options 1) say "hey lara, ive ballsed up and brought 15 clubs, sorry dude" - His player gets a 2shot stroke and "perhaps" the caddie gets sacked by his player,.....but life goes on, people forget about it after a few months and hes caddying for someone else, this is lesson learnt 2) lie, cheat and try to not get discovered, got his man DQ'd and got himself thrown off tour, where no players will now touch him Regardless of the punishment and wether it fits the crime or not,....he had two options, the smart, honest option,.....or the dishonest, stupid one h
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  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Irish-Ace Indeed, the wording is slightly vague. So for the rule to apply in my case, we have to presume that the "act of marking the ball" includes the removal of the said marker. Thanks for all the replies. Here is the decision explaining what the rule means by "directly attributable". Quote: 20-1/15 Meaning of "Directly Attributable" in Rules 20-1 and 20-3a Q. What is meant by the phrase "directly attributable to the specific act" in R
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  13. As long as you put your ball back where it was, youre good.
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  14. That's the beauty of golf. You don't need a partner to play it.
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  15. The lead statement that the OP posted is the opening of a chapter in Whitworth's book, Golf for Women. In the five-page chapter, she explains what she means. Though she says the left side should be dominant, she does not mean that the right side has no role to play. Beyond that, I would suggest you read the chapter, because her explanation makes good sense.
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  16. Then you undestand wrong. You claim to be educated about the history of marijuana , but claim that it is harmless! And then you say that I am ignorant! Anyone who thinks that marijuana is harmless has obviously smoked too much of it. But then, cancer and brain damage aren't really "harm", are they? Really, you can smoke as much as you like - but don't kid yourself into thinking it is harmless. As I said earlier, the grumpiest and angriest people in this thread are those who in sist on their "right" to do something that is illegal, antisocial and unheathy. I ha
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  17. I did a screen capture on your vid. What I'm pointing out is look how far your club has moved on takeaway and your shoulders have not started to move yet. You have picked up the club to almost 45* completely with your wrists. I have this same problem from time to time. I have to really concentrate on my left shoulder initiating the takeaway. This keeps me from picking the club up and bringing it too inside. Please keep in mind that I'm a 23 hdcp! This is just what I see, I am in no way qualified to give swing advice!
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    • I've posted this link in a few other places in the forum, but it keeps coming up as relevant for a lot of different discussions surrounding golf balls.  Its about the most objective data you can find about golf ball compression at different swing speeds.  The actual data can be found near the end of the article (middle of the page, the comments at the end take up a lot of space) if you'd like to try to draw different conclusions than the author does in the main article. But long story, short, the data shows that a ball that is long off the driver for a 115 mph swing speed is also long off the driver for a 85 mph swing speed.  And those balls are higher compression balls.   The Best Golf Balls | Golf Ball Buyer's Guide | MyGolfSpy Always play your best game. Read the Golf Ball Buyer's Guide from MyGolf Spy to always get the best golf balls. Read more so you can improve your game!   I think the Top Flight Gamer ball has a similar pattern.  Not sure if that's what you're thinking.
    • Day 25 (7,13) - Back to full swings.  Trying to hammer home my work on the takeaway and forearm rotation in the backswing.  Really starting to feel good about my progress so far.  Consistently better ball striking than even a week ago, and ball speeds on the launch monitor are 5-6 mph faster than last week too.  A few more days of good results, and I'll get a new swing thread post up to see where I'm at.
    • @IowaGreg, In the GIF below, Newton’s Cradle, the steel balls have almost no kinetic energy loss due to deformation. This demonstrates an elastic collision. A perfect elastic collision with no energy loss would go on forever. If the balls could deform slightly, as in plastic balls, the energy transfer would be less. The cradle would stop rather quickly. A cradle with say Playdoh on it would have complete deformation. They stop almost immediately. This is called an inelastic or “plastic” collision. If we put golf balls in the cradle of different “compression”, which is really deformation, you could theoretically measure the energy loss. Soft golf balls that deform more, would lose more energy at impact and slow down sooner. OEM ball manufacturers measure deformation with various tools.    But deformation is only one part of golf ball aerodynamics. Spin and lift due to spin with various dimple patterns also contribute. Deformation characteristics and cover softness can also affect spin.  The end result is to find the ball that best fits your game and budget. Try different ones out and see. 
    • Yes, sorry, I’ll fix above. Think of it this way, @IowaGreg: the more a ball compresses, or deforms, the more energy is lost in that transaction. Would a cotton ball go farther at any speed than a golf ball (or a golf ball that weighed as much as a cotton ball)?
    • I assume you meant ‘ball’ speed.
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