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    • Learn to chip with your putting stroke. (Paul Runyon) When done properly, with a clean lie, the club face rarely touches the turf. 
    • Would be tough to golf in Michigan...
    • I grew up playing in the wind in the St. Louis area.  Qualifying for the high school golf team or the university team (scant miles from St. Louis) in the Spring was hell!  I am no longer there and I will no longer play in the wind.  Period.  Even when I play WGT I set the wind at "low". But I will play in the snow.
    • I get annoyed with the dewy 7 AM grass grabbing the face of my clubs when I chip.  I marvel at the wind owning my would-be solid strikes.  Shots with altitude changes make it hard for me to judge distance. Slope-infested greens, insane heat, fairways in need of some rain, foggy mornings, etc, all create challenges. Which ones do you hate to encounter? Which do you thrive in? What stories can I get from you about your experiences in difficult conditions? Do you consider these conditions part of the game? A fun additional challenge? Something to be avoided when you can?
    • Speaking of white spray paint... a few years ago I carried a can of paint in my bag and painted the upper earth/dirt portion of the 4th hole cup at my local course (using a pre-cut template so no paint got on the putting surface) to resemble how they paint the cups for PGA events.  My golfing friends are essentially non-observant and didn't know this was done... which gives the pros a bright white target to aim at. An advantage we mortals don't get. They all loved putting at that cup.  I'm sure the greenskeepers were a bit surprised the next morning.

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