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  1. You mean most of them in real life probably wounldn't lump them all together and tell people that they otherwise know nothing about that they live miserable lives? That kind of thing?
  2. Mr3Wiggles keys to hitting long bombs: Preparation: Shoe laces tight and double knotted...check Black golf gloves on both hands...check Rip off break-away golf slacks in a dramatic fashion to reveal tiger striped spandex shorts...check Slap self across the face twice, followed quickly by a Ric Flair-esque "Woooo"...check Lift-off: Unleash hell Celebration: Loud grunting, muscle flexing, crab pose Question the manhood of the rest of your foursome Works everytime.
  3. You should probably pony something up. For example if it turns out your 270y carry is really 220y you can agree to make a vid of yourself at Dick's hitting some balls with a tampon hanging out of your nose. Make it fun.
  4. OMG - I just had a look at your video!!!!!!! You have got to be joking. Those drives, on normal fairways would carry maybe 150 yards. At MOST.
  5. Ok Jimbo. Just saw your five week old swing. I assume you've made astronomical improvements between then and now.... I doubt that five week old swing can carry it more than 200 yards most of the time at sea level.
  6. I was never a Penn State fan nor am I a college football fan but I knew of Paterno and it seemed he was a great coach and leader of our youth. I wanted to give Paterno the benefit of the doubt when the Sandusky story first broke, I defended him here and in private conversations. Now that the investigation is complete, I regret defending him and believe he and others should be ashamed of what they allowed to occur on their watch. As a learning institution they above all should know the irreparable damage Sandusky's actions did to those kids and to sit by and do nothing is almost as bad as what Sandusky did. PSU won't heal until every single person involved in the cover up answers for their role in it.
  7. I think one thing that hurt Callaway recently was allowing Wal-Mart to sell their products. This is just me talkin', but the brand lost some allure when I saw it on a Wal-Mart shelf.
  8. Let's do some math for fun. 29.97 FPS. I measured the clubhead in two interlaced frames here at two spots. In one (field A) the clubhead travels 56°. In the other (field B) the clubhead travels 50°. So let's call this 53° "around impact." 53° out of a 360° circle is 0.1472. Let's assume the radius of the circle is 43" (you grip down slightly on the grip) + the length of your arm to left shoulder: about 26" (trying to be generous). That's 69", but unless you completely uncock your wrists and form a straight line with the grip and your left arm, it's going to be less. We can comfortably go with 67" and that's still being quite generous to you. So with a radius of 67" and using 2πr, we get a circumference of 420 inches. You're swinging 0.1472 of that during the impact interval, so that's 61.8 inches. Let's round up to 62". 62" in 1/29.97 of a second (0.03336670003337) is 1858 inches per second. 1858 inches per second sounds impressive. So we plug it into Google for the quick math: http://www.google.com/?q=1858%20inches%20per%20second%20in%20mph&output;=search 105.568182 mph Edited ( Mon, 16 Jul 2012 09:38:47 +0500) to fix my stupid math error.
  9. I should have provided a few more details. The head pro was given multiple attempts, like 25 or so, to try to replicate the shot, heck to just get a ball to the green. He couldn't do it - he could not get a 1960s-era one iron & balata ball to the green from 238 uphill. The point isn't 'club pro versus Jack' - it's to demonstrate the changes in technology & what Jack had to deal with in the 1960s.
  10. This picture reminds me of a joke that I am sure many people here are familiar with. A lady comes running into the pro shop and yells "my friend needs medical help. She got stung by a bee! And she is allergic to bee stings!" The pro asks "where?" And the lady replies between hole #1 and hole #2! The pro says "well her stance must've been too wide."
  11. To the OP: [quote name="Jimbo Slice" url="/t/60345/why-is-it-unbelievable-i-can-drive-300#post_741560"]I've recently posted in a few threads mentioning I hit some 300+ yard drives. Even a 326 yarder measured with my gps. I've only been playing for 10 weeks and have a 27 handicap. I've been called a few names and would like to continue any conversations/debates with doubters or believers in this thread, instead of continuing in the other ones. Any input good or bad is very welcome. Cheers :beer: [/quote] In general... First, it's [b]hard to measure a drive accurately[/b] without a GPS. In short, if you don't have GPS readings, it's very hard to accept eyeballed measurements because they're notoriously unreliable, especially when you consider the fact that people want to think that they hit it farther than they do. Almost everything about estimating the distance will lead in favor of over-estimating. The climbing-and-dropping trajectory of a shot fools the eye into thinking the ball went farther than it did. The feel of swinging extra hard is meaningless, but may make you feel like you hit farther. The sound of the ball on the club may sound like an extra-loud crack, but it doesn't mean much. Tees are more likely to be shorter than printed distances instead of longer. Cutting a dogleg can "add" a lot of extra distance. And 300 yards is a lot of distance, 250 yards looks extremely far to the naked eye. And the driving range is a terrible place to evaluate long drive distances because you have very bad perspective from that distance, markers are often placed at incorrect distances, etc. We don't assume such claims are lies, there are a bunch of honestly delusional people out there who mis-estimated a distance. So it's a good rule of thumb to guess that reported distances tend toward inflation. It's easy to mis-measure distances, and we [b]see exaggerations happen[/b]. We've played with someone who crushed the ball and thought he hit it 280, but only hit it 245. We've heard the guy who thinks he averages 270 but is closer to 240. We've seen the guy who averages 300 but seemingly can't get the ball beyond the (confirmed) 270 marker on the range. We've read [url=http://www.golf.com/instruction/quest-300?page=1]articles[/url] by people who make estimates as to how far they drive but then get measured and are shocked at how much shorter they actually do drive. We ourselves have seen many examples where we didn't hit it nearly as far as we thought we would have. Etc. The examples of exaggerated distances are constant and abounding. Next, hitting 300 yards is [b]harder than it looks[/b]. Under fair conditions (eg, no downslope, no elevated tees, no hind-wind, etc), it takes a lot of clubhead speed to hit that far, which in turn usually requires good fundamentals to create and properly channel that energy. Most ammetuer golf swing mistakes tend to drain energy from the swing, so driving 300+ in fair conditions is usually a good sign of decent swing fundamentals. It's just hard to swing that fast without doing a lot of things right. So if someone says that they often drive 300+ but averages a score of about 100, it raises questions because those convey seemingly contradicting pieces of information. Watch the swings of pros who only average 290 yards off the tee. Watch how controlled and powerful their swings are. These guys hit it long for a living (although they do place a premium on accuracy) and they excel at hitting the ball very powerfully. For an unexperienced player to say that they too can do part of that comparably raises an eyebrow. And there's a difference between [b]hitting vs averaging[/b] 300+. Everyone hits the long drive of their life once. (I've hit two drives (that I'm aware of) past 300, and one of them used the cart path to do so.) But a lot of people don't estimate their average driving distance well. They remember the few long drives they hit and forget the others. They think they could average "about 300" when in reality they might be lucky to break 300 once in a round. And it's possible to get lucky and hit one or two good drives 300+, but to average it takes incredible skill and consistency. To claim to average such a long distance is to claim to have consistency with your swing fundamentals that you can harness to generate a lot of power. "Averages 300 yards of driving distance while shooting in the 90s" is a phrase you should only need to use once or twice in your life (for the exception golfer who no doubt exists somewhere). So while some think that most 300+ distance claims are dubious, they're very sure that lot of 300+ averages are wrong. Finally, hitting 300 yards is often used as a classic marker for "long way". A lot of people will casually say something about hitting 300 yards without one shred of evidence to back it up. Their friend will hit a terrific drive and later the person will say "wow, Bob must've hit it 300" without having done anything to confirm it at all. 300 yards is just a nice round number that we associate with really bad-ass long drives, and it gets tossed around casually by a lot of people. Put it all together and you have something that's very hard to do, easy to mis-report, very often wrongly reported, and sometime intentionally exaggerated to. That's why there's so much skepticism. 300+ drives probably happen 20% or less of the time they're reported on the Internet. So statistically speaking, we're just trained that there's an 80% (maybe 95%) chance that any such given claim online is wrong. Guy A online claims it then posts a video of his swing and is obviously wrong. Guy B in real life claims it and then actually uses a GPS and turns out to be wrong. Guy C claims it and then admits he was wrong. Guy D claims it and you were there and it was obviously completely exaggerated. Guy E claims it and happens to be right, but why would we have assumed he was right? It's entirely possible that you have driven 300+ yards. Even multiple times. Someone is out there doing it somewhere. Often these are one-time occurrences with a perfect drive under perfect conditions. (A low running drive on a rock-hard fairway with a little downslope can go a lot farther than it deserves to.) Odds are good that if you did it only a few times and you acknowledge that they were exceptional drives that a lot of people will believe you. But the odds of each individual claim being true are low, so we're skeptical in general. Post GPS confirmed yardages and if you had favorable conditions, mention them, and move on. Some will buy it, some won't. For me personally, I can believe that any reasonably athletic golfer [i]can[/i] hit the ball 300 yards at some point. But if you claim to average it or frequently do it, I'll be very skeptical.
  12. RIP'D NV in the Fit and Project X in the TA. If your swing speed tends to be on the slower side the standard Fit might be slightly more beneficial. This is assuming you don't get to choose a different shaft than what comes stock.
  13. I think it comes down to that for you. I don't know what the $80 means to you. If "cool color scheme" and "head cover" and "added adjustability and weights" are worth $80 or more, get the TA. Otherwise, get the non-TA.
  14. I tend to agree with this. I've played with several golfers who hit 300 easily with a driver and they've got the short game to back it up and maintain a low handicap. And I have personally witnessed, along with 4 other players, a drive of 426 yards from our club's long drive champion. (granted it was from an elevated tee box, to a downhill fairway, with a strong lake wind behind the ball, that rolled over the green and ended up behind a 420 yard par 4 green) But that guy was also not only the long drive champ, he was a scratch golfer.
  15. Shoot I drive it 300 yards at least once a round. On this hard dogleg left, a 373 yard hole I routinely hit it 60-70 yards from middle green.
  16. I don't recall attacking you personally before you suggested that I (among others) led a miserable life because I too had doubts about this OP's driving stats. Do you ever play Nintendo Wii? Switch games after playing for awhile and the system puts up a message on the screen with a picture of outside and it suggests taking a break. If thesandtrap.com had that feature, it would be popping up on your screen right about . . . . . now
  17. Do you mean like you're being over in one of the "scramble" threads?
  18. It's certainly possible for a beginner to be able to hit it far. Some long drivers have been able to hit it far since the beginning. You have to understand though how many posters on the Internet have claimed this. That's why it's unbelievable. It's nothing against you specifically. You're very new to the game so you don't realize how many high handicappers claim to average 300 yards. That's where the skepticism comes from. Post your swing though if you really want people to believe you.
  19. This is why: http://www.golf.com/instruction/quest-300?page=1 I sometimes get confused around here for somebody who thinks that *nobody* can hit it 300 but that simply isn't true. I know many of the low single digit and plus cappers can. I highly doubt a high handicapper can do it. My reasoning is . . you need a very high swing speed *as well as* great mechanics to hit it 300 (like carry 290 . .I'm not talking about a long roll down a hard fairway). If you have these great mechanics and you're driving 300 then there is no way you can be a 20 handicap. On most par4's you're landing the bal 20 yards from the green and you have 3 chances from there for par. You could be the worst putter in the world and still be a high single digit.
  20. Is that what irony feels like?
  21. I'd say most people are going to be short most of the time. For the good player: --short is usually better than long on most holes, and --no one goes through a pre-shot routine planning to mis-hit a shot, and no one (not even pros) hits every shot perfectly. For the 25 handicapper, throw in: --"stock distance" is based off of your best shot, typically, --failure to understand the complete impact of wind and elevation, and --a large percentage of shots are mis-hits.
  22. I just read some comments on the Penn State Facebook page. Disgusting comments going back and forth from both sides. The anti-PSU crowd blasting everything, going as far as saying how PSU football stinks now, so who cares. From the other side there are some PSU alums posting idiotic comments about how people need to leave the school alone so the Penn State community can heal. Are you kidding me? I've been fairly disgusted by how a number of the dumber PSU faithful have tried to make PSU and Paterno out to be the victims. Everything from the candlelight vigil out front of Paterno's house to saying the man's whole life needs to be taken into account, not just the fact that he allowed the sexual assault of children for over a decade. Reminds me of the old saying about how Mussolini made the trains run on time, how bad could he have been?
  23. This applies to a lot of companies. Unfortunately it almost never happens. Instead they start with middle-management and low-level employees, and force their work onto other people. Execs keep their fat checks despite being poor or average at their job.
  24. A 267 page report compiled by the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation isn't exactly "inferring".
  25. I'm pretty sure God roots against the Buffalo Bills.
  26. IF your swing is fairly stable - not perfect, just stable - now would be a good time to get a dynamic fitting on your entire set. It would take several hours, but it would show you what head AND shaft combos your need for your game. One thing you'd get in a full fitting is a gap analysis. This tests for the longest numbered iron you can hit well (maybe a 5i), and then replaces the longer irons (3i, 4i) with hybrids. Also, it meshes the fairway woods and hybrids. If you can't buy everything at once, don't worry... You'll have the specs on what you need, and you can fill in a couple of items at Christmas if you can't buy everything at once.
  27. A friend of mine in college had a plastic hand to keep his glove on strapped to his bag.
  28. [CODE][/CODE][quote name="ThreeYellows" url="/t/60325/club-championship-advice#post_741132"]I'd think i have as good of a chance any anyone...I've been playing better than my handicap lately. [/quote] Lol.....that would've gone over well at my old club (not). Man, there were more arguments during the club championship than at any other time of the year. Not in the championship flight, of course, but in the various flights? There was always some yahoo playing to a 20 in the seventh flight or whatever, crushing his opponents 8 and 7 all the way through the flight and then firing an 85 in the flight winners' medal play event we held every year. If everyone posted all of their scores the way they were supposed to, 'playing better than my handicap lately' just couldn't happen at our club. They wouldn't just grab the latest revision, but they'd also look at scores that were about to be included in the next revision. If there was an unreasonable disparity, it was adjustment time. Still, sandbaggers would always get through somehow.
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    • If you are hitting a 40 to 60 yard pitch shot, I'm not sure that a ton of forward shaft lean is doing anything positive for you. It might even account for why you are blocking it left.    
    • Makes perfect sense to me. I suspect that you are looking at this from the standpoint of annoyance.  Try it from a business angle. A golf course has to make money, which makes it a business much like a convenience store that won't let you in without a shirt or a luxury restaurant that demands a tie - and not like a public park where you might play baseball.  As such they really do get to decide how the patrons dress.  Dance clubs, social clubs, golf clubs.  Pretty much all clubs do this because it projects what they want the club to be viewed as.  Like it or not, when you are a customer, you are subject to customs.
    • After calling my post bullshit and editing out from where you quoted me the whole point of my post where I said check what Fauci says, check the CDC.. Then you post the exact same article I did.  You're just trying to find fault.  And Vinsk has claimed he is an expert, and he could be, probably is, but there is a lot of deception on internet forums.  Regardless, it doesn't matter  I don't need to vet Vinsk, one can just go to his sources, the CDC and Fauci.  That's the point.
    • I have no idea who this person is but he worked closely with the proshop guys before getting sick and the staff at my club weren’t exactly following the mask order, neither were a majority of the members.  I heard the staff will all get tested.  I started my 2-week quarantine as a precaution as soon as I developed a cough. But with a confirmed positive at the club, my husband will have to be tested since he cannot afford to expose anything to his patients who are all immuno comprimised. 
    • hmm so it´s entirely pointless putting back grass divots on fairways? Other then it will work for a while before the grass dies? Sometimes with my lob wedge I dig deep as hell feels like I am getting the entire root system. Just about everybody puts them back. It kind of feel bad not to repair your mess.

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