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  1. Last week I was at my local shop and ran across a set of 'used' irons that were very close to what I had been considering for a while. They're a mixed set of the TaylorMade Tour Preferred - TP CB for the 3i-6i, TP MC 7i and TP MB for the 8i-PW. I got a terrific price, so I jumped on them. Unfortunately, I didn't quite check all the specs - I'd asked one employee if they were standard length and lie, to which he replied, 'Yes'. It turned out that the 8i-PW were actually an inch over length. Since the long shafts on the short clubs definitely don't feel right, I picked up a set of the
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  2. A trip was my demise on the front.. I forgot how to chip and hit a shot 20 yds over the green. The flipped one short. 3rd try was a charm but wasn't able to get up and down... Was cruising along on the back, until 17 tee... Made a 'wave' swing and cut it into the front green side trap. Wasn't able to get up and down. Then on 18 - I was in the 'fairway' but had an awful lie. It was down wind - and I clubbed up. Unfortunately the ball came out hot and just flew through the green. Couldn't get up and down - thus led to back to back bogeys.
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  3. Ben Crane needs to be penalized strokes every single week he plays. That's the only thing that'll work at this point...
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  4. Thanks for all of the responses everyone. I ended up going to my local golf store and trying out a few woods. It turns out that the Ping G15 woods felt the best out of all of them and the 3 wood was even on sale, so I ended up buying it. The club feels great and I hit about 170 with it on the simulator. I like its sleek and low-profile look, which I think is similar to a hybrid. Hopefully I'll be able to try it out soon on a course.
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  5. Interest discussion guys. I was about a 13 index but have been away from the game for a few years due to financial reasons and just recently got back into it and am currently a 22. I have developed a simple way too keep stats that I think accurately depicts where I'm losing strokes. Driving: Point system seen here: http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/mental-game/sanders_gd0809 Total Greens: This is a variable that will be used later and is equal to 18 less the number of holes where my driving points were 2 or more. E.g. if I went OB off the tee then I'd mark
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  6. This is a good summary of case law related to personal injury and property damage. Local statutes will prevail (not very common) but in general, unless you intentionally try to damage property, the golfer is not liable. Golf courses can be held liable but most golf communities have covenants that specifically waive the right to sue the golf course. http://www.willamette.edu/wucl/pdf/sportslaw/spring04/scoffield.pdf The short of it, don't buy a home on a golf course!
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  7. I have struggled in the past to hit fairway woods. But this year I have made an effort to improve my swing so that I can take advantage of the distance offered by fairway woods. I started with a Cobra Baffler Rail F 5W (18*) and I really like. So much so that I just received a 7W (20*) today! It was only $35 (used) so I couldn't resist buying it. It was in great condition with a head cover. Like most, I can only recommend what I've tried.
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  8. If you want to go cheap look at the callaway x it is a great wood.
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  9. I haven't been practicing my 3 wood for no reason. Put it on the green. Laying up is for professionals. End of story.
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  10. I'm on lesson 5 of 10 which I take once a week. Since I'm retired I have plenty of time to practice. I am using a PGA certified instructor who's been teaching for a long time and I paid $600 for 10 lessons. I have several friends who golf and I asked around and they said he was the best. I would stay away from young instructors and find one with experience. Experience goes a long way when teaching someone golf. He uses video analysis and seems to be able to communicate well what he's teaching. I purchased a single lesson just to get a feel for how well we connected and then purchased the 10 le
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  11. Seeing the word "Espresso" spelled with an X makes me cringe. I don't know if the reviewer did it on purpose or not, whether that's the actual name of the product and they made a mistake or did it on purpose, but someone out there wants me to die a little inside. Without the "O" at the end I wouldn't care, but that O was placed there on purpose to sound fancy. The delicious nectar produced by forcing about 2oz of hot, 190-200˚, pressurized water at 9 bars through 14g or so of finely ground, fresh coffee, using only metal filters to preserve the oils, and taking about 25 seconds to do so
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  12. I have similar ocd thoughts and wrote about them in many threads much to dismay of many of the members here. Now I can resurrect one of them here: http://thesandtrap.com/t/9728/traditional-lofts-versus-modern-lofts Bwahahaha.... To sum it up I played TA 845s for 16 years (similar to DCI, I think they were designed by the same person). They were set up 1/2" long and went 21-24-28-32-34-38-42-44-48. My current sticks are Titleist 735 CMs which are a combo set (3-4 cavity, 5-7 mid, 8-pw blade) and came 22-25-28-31-35-39-43-47 at standard length. In order to avoid a gap w
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  13. If you guys could build a "dream bag" of clubs right now, what would it include? For me its the following: - R11s 9 degree stiff - Adams black v3 hybrids 15 and 19 degrees - Taylormade TP MC custom fit irons - Three Vokey wedges 48, 54 and 60 - Scotty Cameron Monterey Custom shop All custom fit of course :) Atilda (sp?) shafts on the driver and hybrids. Dynamic gold shafts on the irons. Oh, and golf pride tour wrap 2g grips, the thickest ones they make (I have big hands). What are your dream clubs?
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  14. I'm a stack and tilter. Driver has always been the most difficult but I also experienced pushing the ball as you did. You sound just like me a month or so ago. Things that helped me- Pushing: the problem with my pushing was not throwing my hips through enough. When I focused on really moving my hips forward on the downswing my push disappears. This isn't a hip rotation, but throwing them forward down the line. Drives: Biggest thing for me was fluidity and rhythm. With a driver the S&T; swing often feels awkward. I usually have to step back and loosen myself up and remember that the swing
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    • On October 1 the answer was a clear yes.  In the hear prior my index went from 23 to 17.4, and was clearly trending down.  Then, it seems that I forgot how to swing, chip, and putt, all at the same time.  I wasn't trying to change a thing, but overnight I seemed to lose a club and a half of distance (ball looked good in flight, and ended way short), and all of my feel.  Now I have hit the hard cap, I'm a 22.4.  I have gone back to lessons from the same guy that had me trending in the right direction, and I think I am finally, after a couple months, hitting the ball better.  And my feel around the green seems to be returning.  I live on decent chipping, since I don't hit the green as often as I would like.  When I play a good round, it's got a number of one putt pars.  I wonder if I had some kind of health issue that I didn't even know about, and have recovered? Five years ago (next month) I was diagnosed with colon cancer, and had radiation, a couple of surgeries, and chemo, and I also deal with asthma and diabetes, though they are relatively well controlled.  But, maybe something was going on? The good news is that last Saturday I had a legit eagle putt (about 12 feet, missed it, but I was there).  Missed it, but I was there.  So maybe....
    • oh, I'd agree with you there, I play with emotion and don't act like I'm 3yo - the point I was trying to convey, was that if people are "playing with emotion," some are going to manifest it differently; while we all curb our behaviors despite strong emotions at times, not everyone will, or is able to, to the same degree. So, in response to the quoted comment, I trying to say that I would prefer to see the emotion of players, accepting an occasional outburst, than have them not play with emotion, and because different people are going to handle their emotions differently, I wouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water. 
    • I don't think I've ever seen Billy Horschel not appear to be running hot. Maybe he needs angry/intense energy to play well.
    • BTW - Do you know the difference between a Ch!cago Pu8blic Sch00L Graduate and a Large Pizza?   -... A Large Pizza can feed a family of four. 
    • Had a crazy 9 holes recently to add in birdies and an eagle.  Front 9 had 4 birdies, an eagle, 3 bogies, and 1 par.  Also played the back 9 a different time and eagled 11.  About the only highlight there.
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