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  1. That's not very fair if there was a 3rd playing partner. It's hard enough to deal with one idiot without adding a second!
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  2. This method is really good. The only changes I made, only for longer clubs, are that the left leg (left handed swing) is taking more weight than the right during the backswing cycle. The other thing is my left leg is slightly bent and flexed. Seems to give me more force on the ball. I also setup the ball closer to the right foot. Everything is reversed for right handed playing. I have had the same high flight issues with balls using my 460cc driver. I bought a used old steel 3 wood with 15 degrees of loft. It really launches the ball only 15 degrees. This lower flight made me think to lower
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  3. I voted Tiger. Is "because i love him" a good enough reason?
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  4. I started a thread Without using search feature Much egg on my face
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  5. Depends on how you hit them. Is there an uneven yardage gap among the three? Is one of them more difficult to hit than the other two? If you hit the current wedges OK, you might want to keep your current mix until your swing stabilizes a little more. As you learn more about the game, you'll be able to tell what you actually need in wedges.
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  6. Another reason to cure a slice.
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  7. Well, I've gone to both, can I just spout my opinion, or do I have to actually do the research? Different balls certainly *feel* different off the putter, but I completely agree with your skepticism. My suspicion is that there may be a real effect, but it's probably because after a few putts, you anticipate the feel and hit the ball harder or softer. You're not going to compress a golf ball any appreciable amount with your putter, so it shouldn't matter much what it's made of. Though, just thinking to myself, if it feels different, then something is happening to affect that. Mayb
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  8. Actually, zipazoid's 'swing-from-the-ground-up' should induce a good lag. While the feet and then knees and hips are doing their thing, the hands are dropping in behind the torso, but only as a consequence of movement of the lower body. You don't really 'do' anything with the wrists or hands at this point. That passivity while dropping down creates lag.
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  9. Pretty sure Nike can make a forged blade and their wedges are solid too.
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  10. 1: Most players have a 5 wood or something, 3i to 3w is a big gap. And if you can't hit the 3 then it's more like 4/5 iron to 3w gap, over 60 yards. How is that the greenskeeper's fault? 2: If you can't hit your long irons well, or are too short to hit something comfortable, move up. Your 5 iron should be in the 160-170 range I assume? You shouldn't generally play over 6,000 yards (rule of thumb is 5i distance x 36), which puts you in white tee range. 3: Look at the scorecard beforehand; usually if there are a lot of 200+ par 3s, it's likely you're in for a grind and should move
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  11. One of my weekend groups is with a guy who has had 2 hip replacements and wrist surgery. He has lost a ton of distance and is lucky to get the ball out 200 yards on a decent drive anymore. He routinely takes a mulligan per side (some days more) and we happily celebrate if he makes a 'modified' birdie. It makes him happy which is more than good enough for me. He's a blast to play with and I wouldn't trade in our weekend rounds for most anything. We may give him a gentle ribbing about the modified birdie but believe me nobody in the group makes even the slightest issue of it. Life is too
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  12. Ehhh....I know Crossfit is all of the rage right now and I have no doubts it will get you in shape but at what costs? A lot of what I see are people doing WAY too much weight with very bad form.
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  13. Have you ever played any courses between Calgary and Edmonton? How accurate is your index? What's your buddy's index? The following courses would be on my list to check out, and I'm assuming you chose Red Deer to even out the driving (cross Sundre off your list if equal driving is important). 1.) Wolf Creek - Old Course at Morningside (very close to Ponoka). Driving by on HWY 2 it doesn't look like much, but like most good prairie courses it's meant to be seen from ground level. Bring your A game and lots of balls. You'll need every club in the bag and if the wind is up, you might weep
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  14. Or drive west and play Sundre Golf Club.... That place is legit. Extremely well groomed. Bark under the pine trees, bright white sand in bunkers ( and actual sand not rocks ), perfect greens etc http://sundregolf.com/ It's the Augusta of Alberta
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  15. The two Wolf Creek courses are by far the best I've played in central AB. Wolf Creek is about 30-40km north of Red Deer. If that's not close enough, try Riverbend or Alberta Springs.
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  16. Can't say I've ever met the Speed Freak. But the world might be better with more of him.
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    • @alexschoI would suggest a UW to fill the gap between the PW and SW. If you're a high handicap, I'm not sure you need a 58 degree wedge.  Your priority on short game shots isn't "get it close" (but that's great if you can), but rather "get the ball on the green;  within spots on the green, priority is to spots close to the hole."  But I wouldn't just now use a club that many high handicappers usage tends to risk leaving themselves with yet another short game shot.
    • Good luck.  Make sure you know the rules, of course;  people can and do get casual with the rules during non-tournament play.  Make sure you know what local rules are in effect, too;  you don't want to Jerry Rice yourself out of a tournament if, for example, laser range finders aren't allowed but you use one. 
    • 87 today at my home course.  Hit 4 GIR:  holes 1, 17, and 18, but only one in between (#8, a 4-wood into the wind to about 15', had a tap-in par on that one).
    • Day 151.  Tournament at my home course today.  I shot an 87 with 4 GIR and 7 near-GIR.  Now that I write that out, I feel my long game was better than that stat line today, but I guess not.  I did some full swing practice before the round, outdoors at the range, checking my backswing length as per my past month or so of work.
    • Secured a par at my home course's hole #17 today.  I am not happy with how long it took me to get better than bogey on it.  I hit a poor tee shot, a good recovery punch shot, then a sweeping hook 6-iron to the green.  I correctly read that the lie and setup would hook, aimed well left of the green, and swung.  Big hook, ended on the left side of the green, 15' from the pin, and I darn near made the birdie putt too. Speaking of which, I gave a par at #s 7 and 9 a good run today too.  Still no birdies at my home course this year! 😞 
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