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  1. Greg Norman recently weighted in on the "handing of the baton" to Rory from Tiger. Norman thinks Tiger's bromance with Rory is a sign of insecurity. I disagree, I think Tiger feels like he has a lot in common with Rory, especially the part about being golf phenoms and under the spotlight of the media. I don't think Tiger is handing out any batons at this point in his career. Quote: “You’ve got to beat the guy you’re taking over from to feel that you’re the top guy, and Rory’s starting to do that now,” Norman said, according to the report. Woods
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  2. You dont say what quality of course you will be playing, so first, dress well. Wear a nice polo shirt, and tuck it in. You should check to see if shorts are appropriate, and its very possible only pants are allowed, so make sure in advance that you are within the dress code. Wear a belt and make sure your shirt is tucked in at all times...If you are attired properly, you will feel better on the first tee, and the impression you make will be a good one as well. Expect that you might be playing for some money stakes, but perhaps it will be just for fun. Be honest about your handicap,
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  3. Absolutely. Jack explains how HE did not lean on somebody else in tough times while competing. Romney is in a competition right now, and based on the polls I'd say that he is in tough times. What Jack brags about not doing in his day is EXACTLY what Romney IS doing today. Get it now?
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  4. Love Jack...but I think I just threw up in a mouth a little bit while reading that.
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  5. This is such a tired old debate. Saying S&T; hurts your back has as much validity as saying using golf balls made in China will give you herpes. Saying that the golf swing itself can hurt your back, now that may be more valid. S&T; is a decent method of teaching the golf swing and it evolved from other methods. "Revolutionary" was an unfortunate Marketing addition that should have been toned down. It has caused a lot of venom to be spewed. But, it is still a good teaching method and the book does an excellent job of explaining the physics of the swing. My scores dropped drama
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  6. I'm more amused that Greg Norman thinks he "took it" from Jack (Nicklaus). He was one of many excellent players in that era - Nick Faldo, Curtis Strange, Ben Crenshaw, Scott Simpson, Cory Pavin, Payne Stewart, etc. etc. - but never dominated the way Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have. He was certainly iconic during that period but with 2 majors he needs to be careful that he doesn't strain a shoulder patting himself on the back.
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    • Hello and welcome to TST. What one may gain from updating clubs can vastly vary. Club head technology has certainly improved with the ability to get the ball in the air and to be a bit more forgiving than older models. The shaft plays a very important role as well, maybe even more important which is why a fitting can be very beneficial. As far as expectations…hard to say. But at the very least you’ll know you’re optimizing one area of your game by having the best irons for you. Cheers.
    • Unless you have undergone swing changes I wouldn't expect any change at all.  The lofts might be stronger which could make you think you've gained distance when you haven't. 10 year old cavity back irons of good quality aren't much different from brand new ones. Your golf doesn't improve when you get new irons unless you were playing something with the wrong shaft or clubs with little or no built-in forgiveness.
    • That’s up to the respective governments to determine. Many countries only require proof of a negative test. 
    • I am sure that it wouldn't be mandated. I don't think one should be allowed to travel internationally without proof of vaccination.
    • I heard David in FL's pool hall will begin to require passport cards beginning on Monday...             😁
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