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  1. Can you imagine how lethal Furyk would be if they simply had a 6hr Energy drink?
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  2. Personally, I would have liked Molinari to have conceded his match in the middle of the 18th fairway. A 14-14 tie would have been fine. No one loses and the Europeans retain the cup. Playing that last hole was one of the most awkward and pointless moments I've seen in sports. There was a huge party going on next to the green, for crying out loud! No one came out of those final moments of the Ryder Cup with any credit.
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  3. This. From now on, the Captain should not be a player who is still active on the PGA Tour. He should be retired or playing on the Senior Tour. It's hard to tell your peers what to do in a competitive situation.
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  4. Where to start with this nonsense? --Is there any evidence that Phil demanded that Keegan sit on Saturday? Where did that even come from? --Phil the most self serving guy on tour, who couldn't stand another player winning a match? Do you really believe this? --What happened to Keegan on Sunday is he ran into Rory, who went 5-under (3rd best round of the day) without hitting a warm-up shot. --And, again, where do you get Phil giving up on Sunday? He parred the last 3 holes, which is far more than you can say for the majority of the US squad.
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  5. I seriously don't get all of the hate on Phil Mickelson for acknowledging Rose's great play. Rose made a clutch par save on 16, then dropped an absolute bomb on 17. Both were long putts with sick break, but the putt on 17 was legend. I remember watching the putt and being somewhat astonished and impressed. Phil's expression was exactly that. He looked like, "That was a freaking amazing putt--wow!" His reaction was very sportsmanlike, and frankly, very Phil-like. I remember thinking that I was impressed by his reaction. Apparently many here would have preferred that Phil scr
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  6. Well, that noted pundit, Tiger Woods, might have said it best - it's all about who wins the Cup.
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  7. this should help [URL=http://thesandtrap.com/a/how-to-add-a-course-to-the-map-and-write-a-review]http://thesandtrap.com/a/how-to-add-a-course-to-the-map-and-write-a-review[/URL]
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  8. A ridiculuous last day - nobody could have seen that coming. My thoughts - DL3 had a plan which he stuck to on for the first two days - get your pairings together, keep them together, and nobody plays all 5 sessions. I find it difficult that he is taking flak for this approach - US were 10-6 up after teh first two days - I'd be pretty sure thats their best ever performance over the first 2 days (certainly since continental Europe joined). He could arguably have held Stricker and woods out on Saturday afternoon, but you cannot question a 10-6 lead - USA putted incredibly we
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  9. Still knocking on the door of 69. Hit my approaches within 8 feet on both 15 and 16, missed both putts. Otherwise orderly. Drove it lovely. Main mechanical focuses at the moment are feeling the elbows staying closer together in the backswing and adding more pressure into the left heel in the downswing.
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    • My biggest advice, in addition to getting an instructor (or not!) and practicing regularly on the right things, would be to commit. It’s far too easy to leave the things that are helping you once you hit a bad shot or have a bad round. If you have a good instructor, then commit. Don’t go chasing YouTube videos or quick tips; buy into what they’re saying and put the blinders on. Block out all exterior noise and work on the things YOU need to work on. After all, you’re paying money for lessons, why not commit? Otherwise, you’re throwing away money and wasting the instructor’s time.    Don’t over analyze every bad shot either. It’s about the result of the shot at first. Instead, focus on whether you executed what you and your instructor are trying to accomplish. This is hard to do because you want to play good golf right away, but you gotta train the right things, and eventually, it’ll bear fruit. If you see on video that you’re doing it right, then show it to your instructor and re-evaluate. Maybe you’re overdoing it or maybe you’re not doing it enough. 
    • I believe his accident would be almost as big of a topic as the tournament itself.   
    • Hybrids have long had the reputation among better players as being hook machines so I am surprised you went with a draw bias. There are a few things you can try already mentioned but if you have to fight the technology to hit a fade it may not be worth it. You may want to see if you have a 90 day grace period and get something a little more fade bias. I played the Nickent and Adams Pro Gold which both produced a workable ball flight with the shafts I had, but there are some hybrids that I could never fade reliably because they were upright, had closed faces, or had looser shafts.  You have to have a hybrid that you can trust with your swing and not have to manufacture something different just to hit a stock shot. 
    • Probably my 5 wood.  It is the one club I've never considered replacing.
    • The question was “What worked for you?”.     If the question were “What would you recommend?”, I would agree 100%.  
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