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  1. 1.) crouch down behind the ball so that I can see the slope of the green. 2.) take a few practice strokes to get the feel for the stroke that I want. 3.) set up to the ball and get myself lined up properly 4.) hit the ball I try to keep my putting routine as quick and simple as possible because I find that if I take too many looks at it, all it does is create doubt in my mind and tension in my stroke.
  2. No offense but I don't think that some posters have a very deep understanding of Irish history/culture/politics if they don't understand the issues involved. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day doesn't quite get you there.
  3. You are starting with a conclusion and then offering scientific explanation later. I know it is a bait tactic so I guess I will bite, and maybe I should not....sorry. I don't see how you can generalize the way everyone learns best. For instance, I fought the shanks for thee years I studied basic tips and read books for three of them. It helped some but I still had them from time to time and I still hit high weak ballooning over the top iron shots. I even spent time with a PGA pro who was supposed to be one of the best in the area. He gave me simple thoughts to think about without really looking for any specific mechanic/setup flaws. I could not really understand this type of teaching. It was not really until I took some "highly technical" video(evolvr) lessons that I was able to understand the flaws in my technique. I learned visually much better this way as well. I was able to compare what I was doing to what I should be doing. Not a single shank in thousands of balls hit, and the best penetrating most consistent iron shots I have ever hit. If you don't know what is broken, how can you fix it? How are "simple thoughts and images" the cure all? How can this be the way for everyone? Just tell me when your book is coming out or whatever you are selling...just kidding. ;) If you want maybe you should reference your studies in your 1000 swings thread as there is no sense in combining that thread into this one.
  4. You are correct that there are a lot of Priuses down here, but I don't agree with your generalizations ... except maybe the first one. That makes sense, because if you are buying the car to save gas and/or the earth then it would tend to follow that you would be the kind of person that would drive that way as well. (There is no need for them to be in the fast lane, thats for sure) Your other two points are not specific to any type of car. I see people driving like you described in both instances in EVERY kind of car, no particular one any more than any other.
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    • Struggled all day with the swing. Lots of low straight hooks (ball goes about 15 yards high or lower) or big push hooks (right side of fairway to left rough.) I tried to hit a cut and couldn’t get it to help straighten out the shot. My swing though was just turn with a soft left arm.  My irons were also hit or miss. They tended to be much lower than normal. Or, low push cuts. It feels like the club is really behind me (shallow) at A6.  Overall, the downswing felt very fast and like I was tipping back. 
    • Shot an 86 (70.7/123) Three Birdies, Six Pars, Three Bogies, Three Doubles, Three Others Putted super well.
    • Ive heard theres some validity to that. My brother in law is one of those strongest man contest guys and he uses a CPAP machine when he sleeps even though he doesnt have sleep apnea. Sleep and oxyengation is apparently  a important part of building muscle mass.  I always figured rumors around Beefcake Byrson and steroids was going to be a thing eventually. Just took him winning a major to bring it out of the closest more. If Bryson were any other athlete in another sport the suspicions would be through the roof after putting on much mass as he has - as quickly as he did. But It seems like he's largely avoided any critical quesitons about it to this point. 
    • Looks like i replied to this topic about a month ago. Was having issues with the game and decided it was time to take a little break. Since then I've played 26 rounds with a high score of 88 and a low score of 73. The index has gone from a 6.5 to a 9.2. Actually, in the last 2 weeks the index has gone up to a 10.2. but has slowly been coming back down to a 9.2. Anyway, Mondays round was a 73, and todays round was a 82. Just no consistency.
    • I want to work on my slice off the tee and try to increase by carry distance. Also improve my flexibility by doing more stretching and resistance training.

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