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  1. I've been Playing Golf for: 13 years My current handicap index or average score is: PRO My typical ball flight is: Now a FADE The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I ABHOR hooking it, and missing left. Videos: This is my swing in April I think. I was playing pretty well and still in Florida working with Mario. Unfortunately I don't have any recent FO slow mo swings, so this will have to do.
  2. I wasn't saying slow walkers were faster than slow cart players or that a typical fast group of walkers was faster than quick cart players. I was actually suggesting it's a matter of perception. People remember their worst experiences, one of which would be as a walker playing behind a slow cart rider who just manages to stay out of touch (not easy to play through). Quick cart riders coming upon a group of slow walkers would likely play through very quickly and the walkers wouldn't even remember the incident the next time out. It's easier to play through walkers as a cart rider than the other way around. A couple of the longest most painful rounds I've been a part of were in a cart, but they were with strangers who were new to the game. The absolute slowest golf I've been a part of was with new people on foot who really shouldn't have been on the course. None of those rounds were "typical" or they wouldn't stand out in memory so vividly. None of them should be used to judge what typical players do, yet some people do judge all walkers, cart rider, push carters, seniors or whatever based on a bad experience. I'm new here, but i'm not new to this sport. Your opinions are based on your experiences and mine on my experiences. If someone has to be here for a long time to voice their opinion when you're discussing a topic or to reply directly to you, even when they're essentially agreeing with you, then thanks for the warning.
  3. I drive a 2003 Honda S2000, have to take the driver out of the bag so it fits. Supercharged with Comptech running 12 psi boost with 415 whp.... I have so much fun running up on Vettes, Hemi's and all the big V8's...smoke em all.
  4. Yea mine came with them from the dealer. I think it is a part of the rallye edition. I also got power sunroof, touch screen radio, heated leather seats, etc etc. Heres an actual picture of mine
  5. Better yet...my daily driver in my buckeye themed garage.....
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    • @boogielicious, can describe 'long arms drill'? What feel? Thanks.
    • As I said above I have had three lower back surgeries, back feels fine now however I played golf yesterday, 45* and ~15 MPH winds. I took Alever, (440 mg) before playing, made sure I stretched out, felt good. By the time I got to the 13th or 14th hole I felt it in my lower back, not nerve pain, more like muscle pain. I did not get any better by the 18th, maybe I should have stopped after the 16th but.... Today back is tight and hurts. I guess I will be living with this for the rest of my golfing life. I'm thinking the cold didn't help, plus we were bundled up with clothes. But it doesn't get this bad during the summer time.
    • I shoot mid 90s, sometimes high 80s but not often. I have used every ball out there and have found little difference at my level. I know a lot of people will tell us that the ball is critical but for me, not so much. I also hit the Costco Callaway and or KIrkland balls, they work fine for me. 
    • The only real difference that I ever notice is how they feel on putts and chips. If you can play a ball around the green and it isnt ripped to shreds then I think it's fine.  I think that premium balls are more of a luxury item than a necessity. I buy the bulk online premium stuff usually. This year I went Snell (need to update my signature) and it was something like 140 for 60 balls. To me that is worth it to have a top end ball  even if it doesn't make any difference to my game. 
    • So I'm an average hacker, drive the ball about 200 to 240, shoot in the mid to high 80s, and my question is, at that level, how much difference does it make what kind of ball I am using?   I get balls at Costco, usually Callaway Toursoft or whatever they have on sale for about $24 for 2 dozen.  It usually comes out to around a dollar a ball.   Should I be more discriminating about what kind of ball I use, or at my level, does it make very little difference?        

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