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  1. I'm not talking about forward shaft lean at impact. I'm talking about returning the shaft close to or at the same angle it had at address at impact from a down-the-line perspective. Here are some examples of good players doing this (It's important to note that not everyone good does this): You'll notice its really close -- 46 degrees according to Analyzr (that's Sergio by the way). Here's Rory with some kind of a mid-iron I think. He gets pretty close. I've noticed that a lot of really, really good ball strikers do this, or at least, come clos
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  2. As you guys know, we started a program called Member Reviews here on The Sand Trap. Member Review (MR) go first to all available and applicable Supporters and Forum Leaders. You get free stuff (equipment, training aids, rounds of golf, services, etc.) in exchange for a review published on the product page at http://thesandtrap.com/products/ . MRs are subject to guidelines The reason for this thread is to make sure you subscribe to the Locker Room Forum so you're updated when we post an opportunity to review a product. We've gotten great parti
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  3. This thread is eerily similar to the things I'm working on now in my swing. The handle raising for me is an issue that was identified as something I have to fix to play better golf. JetFan as Mvmac stated, and I'm sure you know... The golf swing is basically: 1.) address - flexion, 2.) back swing extension 3.) down swing pre-impact - regain flexion 4.) follow through impact - post impact - extension The 3rd piece - regaining flexion is where an issue could lie... At least for me it was identified as an area I need to work on. A few drills to help with it
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  4. I do that a lot (I also 3 putt a lot). I figure A. I'm not very good at reading greens and B. I'm not very good at striking putts . . So I figure - why waste all that time lining up a putt when I'll probably pick the wrong line and then miss it anyway?
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  5. I never take range balls, nor do I take coins out of wishing wells at malls, clothes out of donation bins or reach down in my friends couches to hunt for loose change. While I'm not going to debate who owns the golf balls golfers lose on the course or "donate" at a range I know they don't belong to me. When I see a non-range ball, I put them aside and hit them last to get a better idea of my distances.
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  7. What i liked most about the last show is the 4 remaining guys just played , no trash talking, they were pulling for the other guys and it was all business. i thought last nights show was cool.
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  8. James is my new personal hero I think with that shot. And oh what a great season its been. Between the beauty of the Greenbrier, the quality of the contestants, and the quality of their character, it's been a lot of fun. Sad to see Rick go. The next episode should be a great one.
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  9. This is wishful thinking at best unless we're talking about someone like Tiger who averages a hair less than 300y. The reality for all but the longest and most consistent golfers, folks like Tiger, is the occasional 300y drive is not a prominent part of their game. Sure we get ahold of one once in a while but example you gave really isn't reality. I average more than 220 and I'd back that up to 200 if I could hit 90% of the fairways because I can't think of one course I play where there is more than a couple of par 4's over 425 from any tee. I play from the tips at my home course (6400y) and t
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  10. Yeah - I need one of those for when I do backflips off 10 foot ledges on my mountain bike. That way my relatives will know what happened to me.
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  11. Nope. I spend my time on the course golfing. That's where my enjoyment comes from. As long as you're not slowing anyone else up on the course though, if you'd rather look for balls than concentrate on your game, that's fine by me.....whatever flips your switch! I will add that a golfball so disloyal as to have hidden from it's original owner is suspect. I'm not sure that I'd entrust it to do any better on my behalf....you just can't trust that kind of character deficiency! :-D
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    • One of the people who introduced me to golf in the first place would regularly do things that are generally bad etiquette:  try to make me mad during the round, talk during my swing, etc.  The good news is that now, when someone does things like making noise while I'm swinging my accident, it doesn't annoy me unless they're trying to mess me up (which no one has done, at least to my knowledge).
    • In OK, schools are not legally allowed to require masks, even for those who are too young to get vaccinated.  😞 I'm glad to hear that the vaccine can make keys stick to your head.  Maybe it will work on the five simple keys from a while back?  
    • And almost as if Florida is trying to double down on it, -->   Being a resident of SW Missouri, I guess I shouldn't throw stones.  It's almost like they're having a competition, except they've forgotten that LSW.
    • Day 1: Starting over because I keep forgetting to post. More chipping/pitching COVID-19 drills with new wedges. Then downswing priority piece work with 7-iron. 
    • My usual dbl bogie- bogie- bogie start till the back let me swing. Settled in and was 4 over at the turn after an additional bogie nullified by a bird.  Was even on the back till we hit a log jam on the tee of 15. lost concentration and bogied in. 80.  I would like to add, I wasn't having a particularly  good ball striking day. I could have easily shot a lot worse, but the forgiveness of the T300s and a good day with the flat stick kept me out of the mid 80s.  
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