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  1. You'll find that the nerds in any hobby or sport will try to establish their superiority and define themselves as the 'real' practitioners of said hobby or sport. You would think that the ones that could actually score the best would be the top practitioners of golf, but you would be wrong. The nerds consider 'purity' much more important. So don't do any of the following. 1. Most important: Do not ever break or bend any rule or decision. You can do this, but don't say you are playing Golf, because you are not you are playing something else. 2. Real, pure golfers always walk and always carry their bag. If you have a push cart, you are not pure. Don't even talk to me about those idiots who ride in carts. 3. Pure golfers would never use iron covers, because, because,uh....just because. That's why. So if you want to be a 'real' pure golfer, do what they do. Although I can't understand why they don't play with Hickories on Links courses maintained by sheep. Cause that's what I do, so I am the only 'pure' 'real' golfer around here. In all seriousness, I hope you keep pushing your cart (I do). Keep using your iron covers. Break out that foot wedge every once in a while. Have fun and don't let the unfriendly golfers keep you away from the best sport in the world.
  2. I think we are all being had. This is a joke right? I mean a compass on the bottom and race car colors on top....really?
  3. Hey guys, I'm from Western Australia, when I play at my local course, they have a rule that you get a preferred lie, but only when your inside the marked fairway. It's the same at a couple of other courses, but at the really flash courses its play as you lie. I run the moto" if you cheat in golf your only cheating yourself". I'm not very good, handicap is 31 but I play every shot where it is and take my penalties( most of the time heaps in a round) when I have too, even though my playing mates don't. I figure if I keep doing the right thing and play as she lays ill only benefit from it in the long run. Dam I love golf!
  4. I think it's not that people care so much about how others play. Rather, it's that some people choose not to even try to play by the clearly stated rules of the game, and yet profess to be at a certain skill level, when in truth, their skill level is not what is claimed. If the people who fluff and take gimmies and such added the strokes to their score, few people would take issue. It's not so much that people ignore the rules in casual play. It's that they often have the audacity to claim that their scores and handicap are accurate whilst doing so. If you fluff, good for you. But your score is truthfully meaningless to anyone who doesn't. As long as that's understood, there's no problem. Also, I won't call any of my playing partners out on it, since it doesn't effect me. But the question the OP had was 'Is this commonplace, and if so, why?' I have my theory (Ego), and offered it to help the OP answer his question. Additionally, I want to clarify, I'm not so much into bringing the fluffers down as I am into lifting the honest players up. e.g. 'Good on the honest players!' I stop short of saying 'Shame on the fluffers/gimme takers', as I recognize that we all have our different reasons for playing golf, and our own ethical codes. Do I think fluffing is wrong? Yes. Does it affect me? Nope. Do I make a big deal about it ever? Also, nope. Hit em straight! (and fix em' if you don't!)
  5. Spend the money on good lessons before spending it on another driver. A slice is the result of a swing fault (face open to the path at impact). Fix that, and you will fix your slice.
  6. An unfair advantage? In what golf world? Pro golfers have people(caddies) schlepping their bags around the course for them... I suppose this gives them(the pros) an "unfair advantage". Sheesh! I can hear it now... SparkyRedick and his cohorts... "You know guys, [Insert ANY Pro Golfers Name Here], is pretty good... but, if they(the Pros) had to schlep their own bag like us... I'm sure we could take them at our local Muni... After all, we do know this course"... "Yup I know we could...Next round is on me guys". *rolling my eyes*
  7. Dude, you have issues. First off, who says this? I don't know what golf world you live in, but I honestly think you are the only person out there who actually believes this. Good luck drumming up support for that argument. Pull carts are the last thing I've ever heard anyone complain about. Now, if you are trying to say people who play recreationally but keep a handicap have an unfair advantage because they pull a cart then you really have serious anxiety issues. Drive a cart, pull a cart, or walk -- yeah, we could debate the "advantages" of each all week long and not come to an agreement. However, I think there are better things to worry about.
  8. This type of attitude is exactly what is often responsible for the perception by non-golfers of golf as a stuffy, out of tune with the common man game. I assume that this attitude is at least in a small way partly responsible for the reported stagnation or shrinking of participation in the game of golf. Who wants to deal with judgement on the course after you have paid your hard earned money to play, most of our games are embarrassing enough without the criticism of our bags. Who cares if someone plays golf with clones? What if they are simply trying out the game of golf, and don't want to expend several hundred or thousand dollars on a sport that they are not sure they will pursue? Exactly this snobbish attitude about non-name brand equipment (clone or legitimately designed component equipment) is what ruins many a golfer's day on the course. I am not the biggest fan of clone clubs (never used a clone club) and their blatant ripoff of another company's technology, but if a golfer wants to use clone equipment, well, who am I to judge them on the course? So what if a golfer uses a pull cart? It doesn't matter that most golfers of almost every age and type in England Scotland and Ireland use pull carts (without scorn, I might add)...and this is the HOME of the game of golf. If it makes the game easier, well, all the better. Iron covers, well, if someone wants to use them, fine by me. Not my cup of tea, but not a problem, either. You can keep your attitude to yourself on these types of golfing matters...and let the rest of the golfing world enjoy themselves.
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    • Trying to get course swing to match range swing. Course swing, the BS tends to get long, arms not as high, across the line and the transition steepens rather than shallows. Also don't flex the lead wrist as much. Also, the hands finish high and the right shoulder and hips thrust towards ball and up. Basically trying to tidy up the transition plus feeling an exaggerated covering on the downswing when playing. Good drive, decent transition (350 yd hole, drive winded up just off fairway 80 yards to pin), followed by bad drive (lost ball), bad transition. To be frank, not really sure if this is right diagnosis, it's the one I have for now. Will try and get it looked at by pro when I have a chance. Getting better with on course camera angles although still not optimal. What is up with my camera audio, I dunno.  
    • Day #5 Worked on short chip/pitch.  Set up a 3' diameter target and measured off 10 years.  Worked on swinging through the ball with consistent speed with goal of landing i the target.  Worked on LW for shots I want to stop short and 9-Iron for shots I want to run out a little.  Goal is to stop decelerating during my swing which I have a tendency to do.  Hoping to get the feel and trust the shot.  A little better on later shots but still need work on consistency. 
    • Yea, I think I had like 26-28 putts. 
    • Haha, when that happens to me I shoot in the hundred teens plus!  So, your putting saved you from putting up a huge number (or what I'd call a normal round for me)?
    • I shot an 86 with a 9, an 8, and a 7 on the scorecard 😛  I will say, I figured something out with my putting on the practice green and felt like I could make anything inside of 15-FT. 

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