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  1. Take a look at these P5 (left arm horizontal, downswing) positions. The left is bad, the right is good. I've subtly marked this with RED for bad and GREEN for good. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit sarcastic today, too. ;-) Anyway, if we had to give these two elbow positions TGM terms, the left would be more of a punch elbow position and the right would be more of a pitch elbow position. I'm striving for something more like what you see on the right, but it's not quite all the way to pitch, so I call it "pinch" elbow. Now, the swing on the left is the result of a few things (ba
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  2. Now that all the OSU nonsense is (hopefully) over, I'll get back to the OP. It seems like every year is "the year" that we need a playoff. Maybe I'm a bit cynical, but I don't think a 4 or even 8 team playoff is going to make people as happy as they think it will. For example, if we had a 4 team playoff this year, the four teams in (based on BCS rankings) would have been Notre Dame, Bama, Florida, and Oregon. Kansas State would have pitched a fit because two SEC teams got in and they didn't, Stanford would complain because they beat Oregon and might have beaten ND, etc. Even if t
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  3. This would only make sense if your former neighbors were excluded on merit, but they weren't. They were busted getting free tattoos, and even if there was a 120 team playoff this year, they wouldn't have made it.
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  4. OSU's undefeated season does not go to show how mucha playoff is needed. OSU wasn't in the game because they're ineligible. If there was a playoff, Bama would have run over everybody and won, and OSU would still be undefeated.
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  5. Say my name three times and I'll appear and quiz you on the 19 checkpoints of each position. Cant get at least 16 by your third try Youre OUT!
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  6. His index is 19, so he probably will have fun shooting a 93. I'm currently an 18.8 and considering that a tournament will probably be on a course with a slope in at least the 120's, which puts the course handicap at 20 or above, I'd probably enjoy shooting a 93. BTW, nice job of self-awareness.
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    • Played my first round away from my home course yesterday and snuck into two birdies on holes 4 (par-3) and 10 (par-4). 🙂  Started composite stats now. 
    • @Billy Z is going to lose his 💩 when he sees this. 😉
    • Wrapped up another great trip to Erie, which means as usual I have a lot of homework to do. There's a lot of stuff (unsurprisingly) that @iacas has told me in the past that I'm still struggling with, like needing to be more calm and focused before every shot. Bear in mind if you do read this that these are my feels. Putting Erik checked my aim fairly early on. I do have an Edel putter, so the aim wasn't too bad. It was simply twisted slightly open at address. We also moved the ball back about half a ball and shifted my posture a little upright to get my eyes inside the ball. We did make a mechanical change to my stroke, as I swung the putter with my chest, essentially rotating my trunk around. Erik showed me how to swing the putter by keeping my sternum relatively still and letting my arms swing more around my body. The biggest change we implemented is putting with a purpose. As in, I wasn't really doing it. There were times on the course where my distance control was great and others when it was absolutely atrocious, with no real explanation. We figured out that I was basically spaced out and not really putting, just hitting the ball basically. We worked on some preshot stuff to feel the distance and for me to envision the hole as I make my stroke, to keep the target in focus the entire time. Short Game Mostly stuff I've already been taught. Softer arms in pitching, trust the pivot. I tend to use my arms too much and when I quiet them down, I don't allow myself to pivot fast enough because I'm worried I'll hit the ball too far so I end up hitting everything short. Trust the pivot. Chipping is less wrist hinge, butt of club stays pointing to my belly button. Need to be more calm before the shot. I also need to learn to use different clubs to vary trajectory. Full Swing I'll write this in a separate post. It's getting late and I don't want to do this section injustice by writing something up quickly.  
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