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  1. Roughly the same as the difference between his 712s and his Nikes... Cosmetic. They're both forged blades. Do you guys realize how ridiculous you sound? You are suggesting that the best golfer in the world ... THE SINGLE BEST GOLFER IN THE WORLD ... Can only play good golf with titleist clubs.
  2. I broke 100 for the first time today! I shot a 98 (par 71) on a course I'd never played previously - 46 on the front 9, before hitting the self destruct button and shooting 52 on the back 9. The course finishes with two par 5's, I was on 83 when I got to the 17th tee so knew I could take 16 and break 100 which took the pressure off a little. I ended up taking 15. Cutting it a little fine. My driver was great (for me for a change) hit all but 2 fairways with a couple of 250+ yard drives. Putting let me down big time. Too many 3 and 4 putts.
  3. You forgot 0: poor mechanics. Tiger Woods was pretty good too before he shot 78 or whatever at Firestone. The game of golf is a fickle mistress.
  4. Milestone post rather than a swing post.... I broke 100 for the first time today! I shot a 98 (+27 on a par 71) on a course I'd never played previously - 46 on the front 9, before hitting the self destruct button and shooting 52 on the back 9. 2 pars. 8 bogeys. 5 doubles. 3 triples. I had birdie chances too (most ended up as bogeys). My driver was my friend today - missed only 2 fairways with a couple 250+ yd drives which is big for me.
  5. I'm finding that this is increasing becoming my attitude to the game. This is not to say that I'm not trying to improve - that will never stop - but really, I can't think of a better way to meet interesting and entertaining people. No other activity I've been involved with has ever given me this kind of social experience, combined with the pleasure (and pain) of the sport itself. And IMO it's responsible for most of the dollar value of the sport as a business endeavor. It's what gets most guys out there on the track beating away at that little round thing - the shared misery and ecstacy of it!
  6. Yes Erik is hitting a much shorter shot One of the great things about this site is that we give you little secrets like that The hands not moving as far compared to a full swing helps you swing the club head without creating a lot of "power" and expose the bounce, "thump" the ground. I can tell you Grant agrees. To do this, the feeling it that you rotate your left forearm as you keep some cup in your left wrist. Like I'm doing in this video http://thesandtrap.com/t/65064/new-school-pitching/18#post_813263 Check out these pics of Grant pitching and full swing.
  7. Totally disagree. So if Tom Brady has a bad game and throws three picks before the half, it's ok for him to just quit and tell the coach to put someone else in? He's a professional athlete who needs to play whether he's doing good or bad. Fans paid good money to see him and it's kinda bush league to just walk off because he's not playing well.
  8. Quote: He says at some point in the future the tooth will be removed, which makes no sense to me, why not go to the dentist today and get it dealt with. I had impacted wisdom teeth at about the same age Rory is now. Damned painful. You have to wait ages for the antibiotics to clear up the infection before the dentist can take out the wisdom tooth (cut into pieces, in situ, then extracted). No idea if this is what he's suffering from, but if he has wisdom tooth problems and is waiting for one to be extracted, that would be my guess based on personal experience. The pain from the infected tooth sockets and infected gum tissue over the teeth was really unpleasant and nagging...I recall it put me in a foul mood.
  9. Has anyone tried the GG forged cavity back irons? I have some irons and the forged wedges from them and love them. Gone from a 17 to a 3 handicap in about two years and was looking at moving to the pursuit cavity irons because I like the custom fit and price from GG. Also as a former club maker I can see the time and effort they put into building their clubs. And it's fun beating people with $1000 bags with my apparent "fake" clubs. I like that you can work with their club builder to get exactly what you want too.
  10. How good is it when you get rid of the slice. Mind you, the slice is a sneaky bastard and will try to take over when ever he can. Also be careful when you practice at the range. If you get tired you're body will go back to comfortable movements and you'll be a slicer again.
  11. My first post here so I hope I start off right. I play to a 16 handicap and am fine with that for as much as I play. I have been playing ADAMS A12pro Irons. Saying that, I have not been happy with them right out of the box. I do understand I could have returned them on the shop I bought them 90 day like it or return it. I have always played Callaway Irons and really had my handicap down to a 12 for a year or so until my X20s were stolen from my service truck, hence the need for new clubs. I thought it was time for a change so I liked the feel of the A12s and they are a great set of clubs for a 5 or 6 handicap golfer. A guy I see on the range has a set of GX20 Gigagolf clubs and I asked him if I could hit his 7 iron. It was like I had played that club a long time. His are set up 1/2" long and 3 up. My clubs are 1/2 long and 2 up. Long story short, I bought a set of used GX20s from gigagolf and played them today for the first time. I shot 83 which is my forth lowest score ever. I only had time to hit half a small bucket before my round. I will reserve my complete support for a few rounds as I did drive the ball very well today and putted better than normal. Gigagolf is not a low dollar POS golf club by any means. I hit the 4 iron longer than my A12 and I have a natural fade. Today I was straighter and had a slight draw. I truly hit only 2 bad shots, a skull ball from 30 feet out and an approach beaver pelt from 120 with a 9 iron. Even the bad shots were not as bad as with the 6 times more expensive name brand irons. I am playing Painted Desert in the morning and my best score their is 89, we will see what happens. I personally do care very much about how and where things I use are made, but look closely at all the major brands, they to do a little cloning of their own. Jim
  12. I find the entire discussion of clones vs OEM's to be laughable. Golf is a game whose results are almost completely dictated by physics. Golf balls don't differentiate between club manufacturers. Flight laws don't give a crap about OEMs. Your Pro V1x or your Pinnacle doesn't go straighter because it's hit with a Ping and not a Pinemeadows iron. Your wedges don't land three feet from the pin because you hit the ball with a Vokey wedge and not a Gigagolf wedge. If you can't admit that simple fact then you're not being honest. That said, there may be difference in feel, the quality of materials used and the R&D; that goes into making the heads. If the tech is being "borrowed" then it comes down to the quality of the materials. I honestly haven't heard much about Gigagolf but this thread did get me to check their website. Based on their listings, it appears that they do use some quality components. True Temper isn't making lower quality S300 shaft for GigaGolf than they do for everyone else! I don find it interesting that they offer a 30 day guarantee. There's not a lot of OEM's that do that. As for the "I've never been beaten by a guy playing clones" comment, that's just idiocy. When I played on my HS team (playing & practicing every day) I was playing as a 2 handicap and beat a LOT of guys playing OEM stuff with my beloved Chi Chi blades that I got at a garage sale when I was 16. I'm not a 2 anymore but I still take money from guys with bags stuffed with $2k worth of gear with my irons that most of them have never heard of. OEM's spend billions annually convincing you that their gear is better.
  13. I've broken 80 and average in the mid-80's and play clones. The reason I'm not better isn't because my equipment is holding me back, it's my own faults as a golfer. Having played with a bunch of different major brands and a couple of clone brands (Diamond Tour and Pinemeadow), I've noticed no significant difference in quality. And anyway, we all know it's the Indian, not the arrow. The importance of equipment is overstressed in the golf community, probably because of all the advertising we get bombarded with from the big golf companies.
  14. Sure, and every pro on tour, every low handicap here, and pretty much every local pro would disagree, but hey, what do they know? The bottom line is that 99% of all drivers sold today are too long. The Burner Superfast is 46.5" long, while the average tour pro plays a 44.5" driver. I play a 44" driver, and I hit about 75% of the fairways, and if you count first cut, more like 85%. Why make it harder on yourself? Why give up distance? Cut down the driver to 44". It's cheap, it's effective, and it's almost never a bad idea.
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    • I think of this question in terms of which tee box to play from.  If I was using my 3 hybrid more than say 2 or 3 times to a par 4 after a decent drive, I'd play from a more forward tee box. Ideally, if I was a course architect, I'd want you to use a long iron (3 or 4 iron) a couple times for par fours, and have one or two par five holes that you can reach in two with a really good drive and a 3 wood, and the other par five holes are not reachable in two.
    • One thought I use w/shanks is "hit the toe". Might work, YMMV.
    • The dreaded shanks are contagious. If you hit one on the range fine, but two in a row and just walk away and go putt and come back after a few minutes and remember to breathe. Once you do come back, work on your path with a headcover just outside the ball and start with some easy shots then progress to full shots. Question for you, do you tend to whip the club inside on the takeaway or slide forward a bit? And remember:  Everybody shanks, sometimes.....  
    • Well the golf season never really ends here so I will add to these numbers with a few more round this year hopefully, but here we go:  I have played roughly 35 times this year, and I have played at: Raveneaux Country Club  Cypresswood (Tradition Course) Jersey Meadow Golf Club Windrose Golf Club Memorial Park Golf Course Cypress Lakes Houston National Longwood Southwyck  Patty Jewett Golf Course Augusta Pines Golf Course Meadowbrook Farms  High Meadow Ranch Pamilla Beach and Golf Club Sterling Country Club Spring Valley Disc and Golf Club Raven Nest Golf Club  I hope to add at least one more course to this list before YE. 
    • Besides the smarty pants answer of a putter or wedge...I looked at game golf (even though I haven't used it much in recent months). I hit almost 40% of my green inside 150 yards so I would say I need an 8 Iron, or maybe a 7 to feel pretty confident about my GIR chances. 

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