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  1. Just came across this. Pretty funny.
  2. Nice video by James, builds upon what is being discussed in this thread
  3. Sure did.........and I didn't miss the bit I just highlighted either.
  4. Very few of our slow players are going to recognize themselves in the USGA ads. Virtually all slow pokes are unaware of their disability. The USGA is flushing a lot of money down the drain on this campaign. I would like to see the USGA make some grants to busy public courses to allow experiments in speeding up play. Subsidize all the methods (knowledgeable starters, true 10 minute splits, empowered rangers, "tee it forward", pace clocks, short rough, directional signs, etc...). Come up with a proven formula to create the proper field to grow a 4 hour or less round. Prove to public courses that with the right techinques, they can create 4 hours rounds AND make more money.
  5. You make this sound like it's tantamount to cheating. I start every round with three balls in my pocket and I'm always surprised about people who don't carry at least one extra. It's called Ready Golf - hit a dubious shot that is either lost or maybe lost? You can either reach into your pocket and pull out another ball for a provisional, or you can be one of those dorks who always seems to have to walk back to the cart with a surprised look on his face, as if a lost golf ball wasn't a possibility that occurred to him in this sport, and spend 30 seconds rummaging around for another ball, wasting over a minute to get another ball. If I lose a ball, the stroke and penalty go on my scorecard regardless of whether or not I have another ball in my pocket, so why waste time by not having another one handy?
  6. A) absolutely. B) sure ... If you want to be a dick. :)
  7. I would have said something. I've done it before...I don't care if I come off as rude, they were rude first by refusing to acknowledge anyone else.
  8. Exactly this. Take a few practice swings, or better yet get to the course early enough to warm up if you are someone that typically needs a "breakfast ball". I always chuckle at threads where people ask if it's acceptable to break this rule or that rule as if any of us have the right to authorize your decision to cheat. If you're playing for fun you can break as many as you like, heck if you want a vanity cap I don't care if you submit your score (I would never do it, but I don't care what others do). If you're playing for money or in a tournament you play by all the rules and there's no exceptions, it's that simple.
  9. Because the attention span of the average OOOOOH, BICYCLE...
  10. This is 15 yr old, Canada's top amateur Brooke MacKenzie Henderson.....her older sister, Brittany, who just completed university I believe at a DII school, is looping for her. I've seen Brooke play a few holes in Canada....I think she's trying to keep up with the bombers on tour...she has a very aggressive swing with the driver and a low draw trajectory....maybe a little too low. She said she plans to attend a US university....she'll likely have lots of choices from DI schools. Had a g8 71 on Thursday and backing up a little on Fri...but the conditions I think are harder today. Oh yes, supposedly Brooke holds the record as the youngest person to win a pro event....not Lydia Ko.
  11. Butch Harmon and Hank Haney are a couple of clowns.
  12. OK ... got this one. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. (And, believe it or not, Apocalypse Now is on that list of movies, along with Alien/Aliens, that I'm embarrassed to admit I still haven't seen ;))
  13. Shot an 84 at Pheasant Trail GC tonight. Temp 106 at start with winds starting 16 mph gusting and swirling. No 3 puts or birdies but some great scrambling. Overall good play but must say just fair driving.
  14. President Wilson? Here's an easy one 1. 2. 3.
  15. By the way ... public props to Cipher for teaching me how to splice together videos and put them in slo-mo!!!! Thank you, sir ... now go practice for your big tourney!! Yeah, I think you are right. It wasn't that many lessons ago that I was given the idea (by Mike, no less) to try and feel like I'm picking the club straight up as I go back. When I do that it keeps the club from getting too deep, but as you obviously noticed, it's not ingrained yet because if I'm not thinking about it, I'm not doing it. :) And thank you!
  16. Better with the head from 4-6 Compared to a swing from April
  17. This was too large to attach here, so I've hosted it externally. If you do want to understand the pace of play issue and the real options for improving the situation, it is a must read. PDF download link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8wtmrqnrgx8sao/Pace_of_Play.pdf
  18. I got them, too. They make great tomato plant stakes. I have a big garden and needed some sturdy stakes that would withstand the weather, these are great and I'll be able to reuse them every year. The grips have a nice feel and don't hurt your hands when your pushing them into the dirt. I just wish they didn't put heads on them as it makes them unnecessarily heavy. Maybe I'll bring them to a club fitter to have the heads removed. YMMV but if you do a lot of gardening have a look at warrior golf. PS I have no affiliation with this company I just think they make fantastic tomato stakes and thought I would share.
  19. Anybody who is anybody uses a staff bag with their name on it!!!!
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    • I really don't understand how anyone could "deny" that it is a legit thing. Your opinion is your opinion on some things but not believing it is real is just not factual.
    • This is the stuff i don't get. To me this is like the flat-earthers.  How about this, just call it The 2020-Flu. They might take it more seriously with re-branding. 
    • Wow, super lucky to be able to crawl out of that wreck. If he went unconscious it would be all over. It's not hard to get knocked out. 
    • Official F1 video doesn't allow embedding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ7_En2xEm4 (Graphic content as a near-death occurs)  
    • We don't do breakfast balls. But the other two @woodzie264 described are pretty much winter rules. I used to play a lot of tournament golf, so im just conditioned to play the game under those circumstances, even when im playing a game with a group where they are different rules agreed to. But the rule I and my regular group let slide most often is re-teeing or replaying after a lost ball or OB. We just agree on a general place to play the next from with whatever penalty the shot usually is. Speeds things along and doesn't really effect the outcome of our money games too much. 

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