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  1. Phil did express his arthritis issues with everyone very openly and we all had to watch it affect him. Gary Woodland was twisting his wrist on Saturday almost the entire round because he "hurt it." Why doesn't he get the boo ho? Give me a break Phan. Of course many others have injuries...the difference, they don't have the camera on them every single damn second they take a step. I'm sorry but the 80th player in the world wincing on an injury isn't news and we don't SEE IT on camera. But when Tiger winces in pain, bring out the cameras everyone because it's the hottest news right now! Tiger was feeling great the first 11 holes and on #12, the spasm came which happens with spasms. They come and go. There was a natural progression. That 3 wood shot on #13, I'm sure he didn't think the spasm would attack him fully at that moment. But it did and we all saw the result. The difference with Tiger, he is a competitor with a burning desire to win AT ALL COSTS. So you better believe he was going for that shot. Anyone else but Tiger, and we say that took guts, took balls or whatever description of courage we want to express. Put Tiger there and we play armchair critics. The guy can't win no matter what the hell he does. Tiger didn't make an excuse. He was honest with what he was feeling at the moment. We want honesty from Tiger right? He is always sooo guarded right? So he gives an honest response and BOOM, everyone pounces because they are experts and have all the answers. Disgusting.
  2. the only thing is tiger plays trough an injury and nearly wins and has won also. Stop picking at the guy. still leads the way. And doubt if he will loose his no.1 position. Why is Scott having a great season with 1 major and 1 PGA win? Tiger has won 5 times this season and was right there in 3 out of 4 majors. It's not that i'm a big fan off Tiger but He just is the best player out there. STOP HATING the guy and enjoy him play golf
  3. What a question! First off, I think golfers improve more by trying to identify and improve their priority piece rather than buying into a method. To your question, it's tough to compare Hogan, MORAD, TGM, 5SK, Waite/Mayo because it's an evolution. Hogan's "fundamentals" are basically "this is how I swing". TGM attempts to apply science to the golf swing and begins to classify the components of golf so that they can be categorized into a measurable, workable swing model. MORAD is an investigation of how the body conforms to the geometry required to hit a ball. It builds upon the geometry and classification laid out in TGM. Mac did research on importance of the eyes, body's balance system and a lot of taxonomy. Mac's system, at least the way he teaches it, is waaaay too rigid. I think a Mac school might be beneficial for an instructor to attend and learn cause and effect of certain movements but can be too much information for most golfers. Mac gives you a laundry list of things you need to do, like I said earlier, I believe in focusing on a priority piece. But there is no doubt that golf instruction is much better off for having Mac involved. So with Hogan, TGM and MORAD, there is a lot time spent with taxonomy using pictures and video. With 2D info you can make pretty good guesses but you're still guessing. Now we have 3D information like AMM, Swing Catalyst, Biomechanics guys like Dr. Kwon come in and add their knowledge to the pot. Obviously the other difference is that we (5SK) and Waite/Mayo use 3D ball flight measurements from Flightscope and Trackman. Utilizing these tools, there is a lot less guessing and instructors like 5 Simple Keys and Waite/Mayo can further the understanding of what's really going on to perform an efficient golf swing and how that golf swing relates to producing solid, predictable ball flight numbers. In case you haven't seen it RBA21 http://thesandtrap.com/t/64993/weight-forward-using-swingcatalyst-and-sam-balance-lab-to-explain-pressure-throughout-the-swing
  4. The other part about this is that, with consistent use at least, then you will likely end up getting more spin off of fresh conforming grooves rather than older non-conforming grooves. I know this is the case for me, as I had a Vokey wedge from a few years before the groove change and I can't get near the spin from that as I do my current wedges. That being said, it's likely time for me to get new wedges again in the next year or two since I am starting to see little nicks and indents in the face, as well as having tried some of the new wedges. I don't really need the spin itself, but my wedges are starting to give inconsistent spin (sometimes more, sometimes less) depending on how the ball will grab the small scrapes and cuts in the face that came from range balls and sand/dirt.
  5. Yes, pretty much. You'll add a little turn to the backswing, but keep this feeling along with a little more #2 on the downswing.
  6. Spare us, please. People who think that their opinions are fact are 100% wrong. That is a fact. (You do this a lot and it is old and tiresome)
  7. 140 yard par 3, knew it was good as soon as I hit it. Admittedly I thought the pin was holding the ball out when I was walking up to the green. Annoying but can't really complain! Would have been only my second ever hole in one too.
  8. I would love to see how you'd handle having a back spasm during a round of golf. I'm sure you'd be stoic and just play on without showing it at all. You speak with such utter ignorance of how truly painful something like this is.
  9. No one said you had to read and comment on anyone's swing thread. Comments like these add zero value to the thread.
  10. Golf is about controlling the ball. When I have my best rounds (130-140's) it's when I am playing to my game. Playing a controlled shank draw and trying not to 4 putt.
  11. Actually the case for Jack has been reduced to 5 characters: 18>14
  12. actually, the word greatest does not imply the question is only asking " who's best between them"... better, would have been a better choice of word, lol.
  13. Cheers men, everything went according to plan-ish, he went 1 up through 11 and gave it a bit of the old fist pump (bad move) I quickly turned up the heat and won 2&1, we had a beer in the bar afterwards and aside from a few awkward moments it was fine. :)
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    • Bad day all around today, nothing clicking, not just golf. Shitty practice session, but did find a feel toward the end that I might keep around. Feeling was a minute tightening of the left wrist at the top to start transition. It felt to me like a less intense palmar flexion move than I usually do. My previous feel for this was more like revving a throttle, but that seems too exaggerated now and doesn’t work. But a slight tightening/flexing move kind of like trying to get a watch face to move free from a long sleeve shirt or something.
    • I just watched the replay on PGA Tour Live and man was it boring. I enjoyed seeing a course I’ve heard a lot about, but the coverage visuals didn’t do much, and the commentary didn’t add much with regards to course design.  I found the Bill Murray and Trump segments distracting. With minimal production and no galleries, each player’s screen presence (or lack of) really shines. Funny because I do enjoy watching Rory, Rickie, and DJ play in normal events. Don’t know enough about Wolff, but I’d watch him in featured group too. At least it’s golf on TV. 
    • Curious if anyone else feels completely awkward doing the off hand swings. I’ve been doing superspeed for about 10 weeks now and I still feel like a clumsy idiot swinging lefty.
    • At $200 a round, I imagine you'll have the place to yourself most of the time. 
    • Yes, and @ellamia’s writing is just awful, it comes off like a bad caricature of an infomercial. I doubt any TST golf enthusiasts would bite on such garbage. I did a quick google search and the same content has popped up on a couple other well known golf sites, that I’ll leave unnamed. Definitely a shill of some sort. 

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