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    • Took the push cart out today, and did some ankle/calf and upper leg stretches for about 20 minutes before teeing off, and periodically throughout the round, and it made a difference. Guess I'm old enough where I have to stretch before golf now. Yeah, my neighborhood is actually a nice neighborhood, but in Oakland there's a large unhomed/mentally ill/addict population, and crime of opportunity is common to the point where police don't even bother investigating. It's a systemic issue, with no solution on the horizon, so I just take necessary precaution with things I don't want to have stolen out of my car.
    • Day 215 Played 18 (poorly). Didn't get off the tee well at all today which was the main issue. Experimented with using a 9-3 swing shot on almost every approach inside 120 yards, which was really successful, and definitely something I will use more often. 
    • The thing that got me was the amount of spin and it still carried 383. Can you imagine if he got his spin down to 2k? 
    • It’s not overstepping. I talked to him earlier today or yesterday. If you’re too shallow at the top you’re generally going to steepen coming down.
    • Ahhh yeah that makes sense. Going to head to the range tonight and work on the feeling of having that string attached to my leading him and really clear those hips. I think that will also fix my balance issue in the follow-through where I sometimes feel like I'm falling forward (towards the target)

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