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    • Been sticking to this feel and it has been working well! All clubs have been working well. Need to dial in a few things (how much specific draw I need to play for) but definitely feeling a lot more positive about the swing. Putting outside of 10ft is a different story. Not sure what to do about it yet. 
    • I know, I know. 😩 Easy to feel. Stupid not to try to make it a focal point during the round.  DTL View 6 Iron DTL View 6 iron, Casting the clubhead at the ball. Just trying to take some of the inside out swing path away.  DTL Driver - OVERSWING ALERT. OVERT YOUR EYES! Ok, every minute working with the driver will be on swing length. 😩 It is once again something I can not divert my focus from.  DTL Driver - Slower backswing to try to feel the backswing length. On what I feel as my normal backswing speed, I can't feel the club head position at all.   
    • Most everyone here will say Oh you must get fitted. To answer your question though: The Callaway clubs are an ultra game improvement club (according to the Maltby Playability Factor), and should be easier to hit than the Adams. The real test will be when you try them out, hopefully with a Trackman or some such technology, and how you hit them and how they feel to you. Best, -Marv
    • Thanks for the video. Good info, but i have a question. Would 33 degree (driver) vs 11 degree (8 iron) be the same flight path (laterally not vertically) if the spin rate of the driver was one third of the 8 iron? That's kind of how i was thinking about it. Obviously if this was true, the driver would still curve more, but only because of flight time/distance. I can't imagine a 33 degree axis going too much more off line if the spin rate is significantly lower, despite the increased angle. 

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