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  1. I am over the moon! That birdie sparked a run of my best golf ever. Shot a 39!!! on the front nine of my par 64 course. Almost stopped after nine but I really wanted to see if I could ride the streak through 18. Back nine started pretty rough with back to back triples but I played the final four holes at 1 under, limped off with a 45 which is still awesome for me. This course is pretty short with just two par 5s so I kind of get away from my weaknesses which are the longer clubs but tonight I was killing my 3 and 4 hybrids. On at least three occasions I was hitting my second shot from under
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  2. Yes, I agree with that. Adding to that is ... what makes former athletes better at picking up golf is that they had training discipline. They know training process and what it takes to improve. For those who never trained at any sport in serious manner would have to learn training discipline first before becoming a good golfer.
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  3. When I use a tee I put it so the ball sits right at the top of the grass. If I'm in between club distances I put it on the ground without a tee. I'm not sure if anyone else has the same experience, but my ball usually goes a little further from a tee than the ground.
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  4. Hey, hey, hey! I'm in. Wife and I are not going to NorCal, and I'm doing something for her bday on Sat. So that means I'm playing golf on Sunday!
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  5. The distance is a function of swing-speed and loft. Think of a garden hose: depending on the amount of water flow applied (swingspeed),and there will be an ideal angle (loft) that will get the water to travel the furthest distance. Too low or too high and you lose distance. For the sake of simplicity, let's control other variables (e.g. shaft is suited for your swing, ball is the same, and assume that we hit the ball in the sweet spot every-time. With a 90 mph swingspeed, here is what the lofts will produce (total distance + roll): - 9 deg = 229 yrds - 11 deg = 237 yds - 13
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  6. Any putt will break more as it loses speed, uphill or down. Thing with a true uphill putt and especially a short one, is that the back of the cup is higher than the front, and you can hit the putt a little firmer, taking out some of the break. The higher back lip acts as a backstop. On a downhill putt, the opposite is true--the back of the lip is lower than the front. Absent the "backstop", the downhill putt must not carry as much speed at the hole and thereby breaks more because it must be struck a little less firm.
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  7. This is an interesting discussion because it brings to mind something Tom Kite once said. Which was that he couldn't understand how golfers playing only on weekends could break 80... which, obviously, some do. I think the 95-105 range is a pretty realistic. I also think there is too much emphasis on a score here in the states. Watching the Scots play their four ball matches in 3 hours or less accompanied by their dogs I think I got a glimpse of what golf can be. Pure recreation. While trying to get better is part of the charm of the game, I think we sometimes lose some pleasure trying to match
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    • That sounds more like the eBay with which I've had experience. Yeah... you did it the hard way.  All you had to do was initiate a return and, for the reason, check the box that indicated the item was not as described.  Then, if the seller balked, open a ticket with eBay, use the magic phrase "Significantly Not As Described," and explain in what way(s) it was SNAD. I've had to do that twice, because sellers balked at taking something back, and both times it was handled painlessly. Sorry I did not see this thread originally.  Looks like I maybe could have saved you some angst.
    • Excellent news!
    • At one of the courses I play a lot of the greens keepers have never played golf.  There is some very creative placing of the tee markers.  Oftentimes they would make Salvador Dali proud.
    • Generally it is a matter of swings and roundabouts compensation but the tee makers should not be placed more than 10 yards from the permanent marker. If the total length differs from the rated length by more that 100 yards, Appendix G specifies the adjustment to be made to the course rating and slope. If it is more than 300 yards the Authorised Association must be contacted.
    • If you used Pay Pal the money might be credited to your account.  Then you have to go through all the back alleyways of Pay Pal to get your money sent to you.
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