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    • Day 145: Worked on a new feel with my existing drill, pushing the left hip back while keeping the belly button pointing down. Did this with my BB and then without and filmed it. Making proof the EE and rotation is better at impact.
    • I figured it out......no it wasn’t the hat.....Lol. I was always taught to swing inside out, but took this too literally. My path was incorrect as I finished to far out and not around my body. I rarely ever hit slices. But this causes me to lead with the hosel and shank. I was able to fix it with the this tip from Saguto golf. Thank goodness! I hope this helps someone.
    • It'll be free for the first round Thursday, but then you'll need to be subscribed to PGA Tour Live afterwards.  If every shot is available, I hope the interface makes it easier to pick the player or hole or whatever filter is used. Every Shot Live returns with a twist Every player. I wonder how they're going to do this, I only see the options below. If every shot is available, how are you supposed to choose?   I already have an account on NBC/PGA Tour live, but it's dormant and they have my cc#, but the one free day isn't charged. Below are the screens I got to get the Thursday access. 
    • By the way, I'm not doubting your results. I'm just curious how you know it's 16 yards? and if you were fit for the old gamer because I'm wondering if and when that kind of a jump in yardage could be available to the rest of us. 
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