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  1. I agree Brandel is entitled to his opinion and his opinion should carry more weight than any of us who didn't make the PGA Tour. Let's keep in mind that when we provide an opinion there aren't typically any ulterior motives behind voicing the opinion. Brandel is in the business of staying relevant and critiquing Tiger online is a great way to stir up controversy to get coverage by the major media outlets. As for the specific comments, I think Tiger is getting older, his body is changing and he's attempting to make a final swing change that will take him the rest of the way. The new swing will take some more time before he's as good with it as the past ones. None of what Brandel wrote explains why Tiger is having issues with the putter which has caused him as many problems during recent Majors as his full swing.
  2. Yeah, it's so much nicer when some from another continent shouts it out. I think the accent makes it much more charming.
  3. Thanks. Forcing myself to swing at ~80% really made a huge difference. I felt like I had so much more time to execute properly in the transition. Came up a little short on some of my wedge shots but my long irons seemed to be about the same or even longer. I think I learned something important there if I can just get it to stick in my mind. Maybe I should tape little 80% stickers on my shafts down near the hosel so I'm reminded at address, or write it on the toes of my white Trues with a big fat sharpie lol.
  4. I think the point he's trying to make is why do they get exceptions that the ordinary golfer doesn't. Other than when winter rules are in effect I've never seen improved lies allowed locally. As stated earlier, casual water and embedded balls are already covered by rules. If I get an occasional mud ball I have to play it.....my course isn't going to change it for a wet day. Just this spring my dad tried to pull a stunt of claiming "lift, clean and place" on holes that were deemed cartpath only due to excess rain. We later checked with the pro for our own knowledge and the pro just laughed and said no. I remember a few years ago watching an LPGA event on TV where they were allowed relief from thin lies because the course was burned out in a few areas.....Lord forbid they have to hit off dirt like the rest of us.
  5. Ahhh, I see. I also didn't know what they were until I read this. Now I can build reputation and prevent having another child. Awesome thread, it saved me lots of college tuition and possible rehab bills.
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    • Angel Has Fallen- Gerard Butler looks rugged and tough in all action films, so he appears more believable. In this one, you see he has visibly aged and has suffered for all the physical violence he has been through. But he is able to rise for one more romp to save a President and expose the bad guys in kick ass fashion. This one is probably the last but I enjoyed it as much as the first two. Without spoiling it for any of you, it has some humor injected in it too by a long term aged actor. The reason the franchise has been popular though is Butler. He like Neeson, Stateham, and Stallone look the part so well. The physicality and presence they show in their films make them more watchable. I give this a big birdie.
    • Saw him live twice. He did not disappoint anyone. May the former policeman RIP.
    • What I’ve found is the major issue with bogey golfers is “distance”. If you had more choices in club selections that go over 200 yards, that helps quite a bit.
    • Willie and Keith Richards will outlast a zombie apocalypse. 
    • I thought this was pretty cool. Hovland is the most promising Norwegian player in a long time and qualified for the PGA Tour along with another Norwegian (Kristoffer Ventura) this year. After a final-round 64 on Sunday at Greenbrier, Hovland has now played 17 straight rounds on the PGA tour with rounds in the 60s. That ties Bob Estes' record from 1983. 64, 69, 66, 69, 65, 69, 69, 68, 64, 66, 66, 64, 65, 68, 68, 68, 64. He had a couple of rounds in the 70s in the KFT playoffs between those rounds, but that's not the PGA tour. Hovland ties TOUR record on Sunday at The Greenbrier WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va. – Sunday was a good day for golfers from Norway.  

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