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    • There's a gentleman I sometimes play with, he's a good guy and I enjoy playing with him. He does this one thing on the green all the time, even in tournaments and I'm not completely sure it's legal.  When he's on the green, he is one of those guys that likes to line up his ball to the target by using the line on the ball. Before nearly every putt he picks up his ball, wipes it off a bit and then replaces it with the line pointed at his target. While he's doing all of that he marks his ball location with the toe of his putter. He never lets go of his putter. He hangs onto the grip and keeps the spot marked with the toe.  I'm pretty sure he's not gaining any advantage as he seems to keep the toe of the putter still and seems to put the ball back pretty much exactly where it way. But my question is:  Is this legal? 
    • Don’t have it bowed much at the top, at 4. Bow it coming down.
    • Really, how hard can it be?  
    • I think the cart path goes around the near end of the runway between #5 and #6.  The clubhouse is near the far end of the strip. Likewise, a friend from my home club invited me to play a member-guest with him there at his second home.  Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to clouds.  Not fog, really, but clouds.  The landing strip is at elevation 4300 feet or so, so low clouds made it impossible to play golf.  We did get a couple of practice rounds in, and as part of the festivities we got to hit drivers down the runway.  Its not easy to hit it straight down a 50-foot wide runway!

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