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    • Hope I’m not being interpreted as slinging mud - my agenda isn’t to do that. I’m simply pointing out @iacas statements aren’t based on science, instead just his (likely biased) opinion. So let’s not pretend otherwise regardless of someone years of experience or supposed understanding of golf physics. Those claims mean nothing. I don’t really care if 25% distance is lost with a properly executed JV swing vs traditional. I am simply curious if that is the case. I remain unconvinced that any distance will be lost, but again nobody here has any evidence either way, which is a bummer.  
    • I pack everything I'm legally allowed to take in my travel bag. I even put clothes around my club heads, and bag for  protection from the baggage handlers.  A travel bag for me is one less suitcases to worry about. Only problem I ever had was my golf travel bag came with a small pad lock. I locked my bag. After it was checked in, and gone behind the curtain,  the TSA, FBI, CIA, SS, HSA, and 4 Boy Scouts went looking for me to unlock it for inspection.. 
    • New irons are in. Going to hit the TM this week and compare the data. Still waiting on my driver which I ordered months ago from a different place. Somebody screwed something up and I’m starting to get annoyed. 
    • Well boys I finally did it! I broke 100 at a par 72 course. To be honest this course was pretty easy but I’m still happy to finally get it done. I almost broke 90 in the same day but I had one OB drive. Final score was 90 from white tees. 
    • Guests more than a hole behind on number 6 and then were looking for balls after that. I have never encountered such a situation but I'd be inclined to inform them that they were a hole and a half behind and rather than rush them eating their corn dog, we'll go ahead to take relieve some of the log jam behind.  Smile.  Walk right to the tee. I had a similar situation where we got waved up on a par 3.  We were a threesome.  Two holes open ahead of us.  We all hit it stiff (it was only 145 yards) and the other group were still in the bunkers, etc.  We just putted out (3 birds) and went to the next tee.  No words said.  Until we teed off.  One of my buddies, said....that was f'ng awesome.  Usually you just pull your hair out as a 20 hcp jerks around with their laser or gps, goes back for another club just to shank or chili dip it.

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