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  1. What is the internet adjustment formula for speed of play?
  2. Less extension, sounds familiar http://thesandtrap.com/t/54404/my-swing-beachcomber/450#post_845871 http://thesandtrap.com/t/54404/my-swing-beachcomber/450#post_851212' http://thesandtrap.com/t/54404/my-swing-beachcomber/450#post_851738 http://thesandtrap.com/t/54404/my-swing-beachcomber/486#post_859098
  3. Maybe your booster seat isn't high enough? I kid, I kid.
  4. Totally disagree. That's all subjective and has nothing to do with performance. Being a nice guy means nothing in a GOAT conversation if you're getting your ass handed to you on the course. If that carried any weight then Tom Watson was a far superior golfer than Tiger. I think this is where the debate tends to breakdown, is it possible that " their GOAT" and " the GOAT" are two different things with slightly different criteria?
  5. I had a problem slicing and I got the GyroSwing that was on the Fore Inventors Only shot on Golf Channel. It really helped me with both my swing plane and feeling a proper release. Now I draw the ball pretty consistently and hit it more solidly. I also got the Gold Flex for pre-round warmups, but I don;t now if it has really helped me much.
  6. Working on the swing in Erie. Erik made me post this... . Looking better!
  7. I don't see the option for "throw club and immediately enter 'RAGE MODE' and then talk about what I would have scored had I not had a fluke lost ball for the rest of the round."
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    • OMG... Now I'm going to have to suffer celebrity status to go with my bad elbow. I will never live it down at the local watering hole where I go and they discuss sports.  I'll have to go on morning talk shows. Starbucks will want me as their spokesperson. I'll never have time to play golf again. Don't pick me. Don't pick me. Don't pick me.
    • Day 48.  Thursday, speed sticks out back in the evening.  Protocol one.  Beat my previous best with all three sticks in the initial bout, but couldn't beat Tuesday's 113 with green on the final (matched it).  Still, 103 with red is pretty nice  I forget what the conversion factor is, but I bet that estimates into a decently nice swing speed for my driver.
    • Day 84 Planemate advanced protocol impact position drills this afternoon after work. 
    • For me, I play anywhere from 5900-6400 given the choice. Average decent contact drive is somewhere between 230-250 now (which I am really happy about), but I still have a decent amount of "power fades" and cold tops/sky balls. We do have a course locally which is something of an executive course. I actually still enjoy it from the middle tees at 5100 yards, as opposed to the back tees at 5400. This is still a par 71 course. It still feels like I should be playing from the middle tees, even if my scores are absurdly better than they should be, with my best being a +5 (+5 front even back), but the holes still feel right for where each set of tees are. For me, as long as I'm not playing for something special (tournament or local money game where certain tees are mandated), I play as short as feels reasonable and fun. I don't often play "forward" (seniors', juniors', women's, whatever it may be)tees, sticking with mostly the "members" tees if I play somewhere new. If the course is exceptionally long, I may move up. Sometimes it depends on the group that I am playing with too. Had a situation last year where a guy got matched with my buddy and I, and he wanted to play the tips (7k yards or so), whereas we wanted to play 2 tees up (6400 yards). Ended up splitting the difference at 6700 yards from the second back tees. The guy we were paired with struggled very bad, and my friend and I didn't fair much better. TLDR: Don't be afraid to play "shorter" tees, and go have fun.

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