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    • Ya, I thought the same thing.   I downloaded the pic, blew it up and it is resting against the stick but I did learn something from this...Thanks Erik, Bill and Asheville.
    • 92 today at Bonaventure Golf Club.  The place used to be a top draw for western Broward County.  Now it is a run down destination for value golfers like myself.  The course is still interesting with many tiered greens and intrusive water hazards.  But they are not keeping it up. The long game was working today.  There are four par 5s, and they really are not especially well protected.  My drives were just very good today, so I went for three of them.  Lemme show you what I mean.  The distances you see are as the crow flies. My drawn lines are estimates. This is the 1st hole.  You can see that the primary protection comes from the large trees I went over. They are towering banyans.  I mean, there is water on both sides, but there is still a lot of room.  Interestingly, the design looks like it has more protection for an iron on the second shot.  Nailed the driver.  Nailed the 3-wood. Impressed the guys I was with until I 3-putted from just off the green. Opportunity squandered. This is the 7th.  My drive was not amazing - it got the wrong spin and faded a bit.  Remarkably, this had the effect of shorting the hole as you can see. I was not going to go for this in two, but due to the location I got this chance. My distance on the 3-wood is pretty consistently beyond 230, but I have lateral control issues. In this case it just made sense.  I nutted it again, but another par.  Oh well. Here we have the 10th.  Probably my best drive of the day.  I used the 3H for the second shot.  I was not actually aiming for the green, but rather for that large bunker to the left of it, frightened of the water.  The ball got some side spin and the wind did the rest, making for a long, lucky shot.  Bogey on this one.  Yeah, I know.  That kind of annoyed me, but such is my game.  The flag was on a top tier, and my short chip rolled off it.  Then my 1st putt was for crap, poorly dealing with that same incline. I need to practice those more. The par 5's were fun.  But I just was not hitting the irons quite right, and I was not putting very well.  I was constantly scrambling, and I do not think I got up and down even once. Thanks for letting me share this with you.
    • Still covered by the interpretation, which I’ll post again:  
    • I’m going to Scotland to play as a single golf in April. Would like to find someone else to play with. Will be in Saint Andrews April 9-13. I’m a single digit handicap. 

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