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    • Day 57.  Got my priority piece from Evolvr!  It involved a drill at the wall and some very slow backswings -- like 5s was desired, and I'm trying to slow it down that much.  I spent 30 minutes on that today, might have hit a total of 10 balls in that time.  Indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls.  But most of it was backswing with a club or at a wall without so much as a club. 
    • Not sure this is on topic. I have no problem with untargetted general mood swearing. Passive aggressive horseshit is 10x worse.  We don't swear in front of kids (yet) but have not shielded them from TV profanity. Don't see the point. They are very socially aware at 13 and 11 and understand context. My mom is one of the kindest people I know. But if didn't swear as much as she did (she's cooled off quite a bit), stress would have killed her 30 years ago. 
    • There are no spirits to any rules. He gained an advantage so that’sa moot point. Why touch the sand? To test the condition.
    • Putter, it's a unique stick in the bag.  IMHO, the fitting goes beyond just the length , loft and lie angles, and the type and size of grip. I believe the visual line has to match the actual line of intended putt.  Lot of time, when golfer thought he had the line of the putt.... actually the visual is off by as much as several inches . No matter which putting style and path, when the putter face returned to the supposed square position of how you line up the putt, will determine the starting direction of the putt. Hence the 2 ball putter was ans still is very popular.  Not because it's a putter different than the others in performance but the visual line up was helping the golfer to stay on track on the intended line of putt.  So is the other visual aid to help line up the putter head to the putting line. Find a putter style that suits your eyes, and able to help you keep the line of intended putt.  No matter whether you like it or not, that will be the best flat stick for you. This visual eye-line relationship could be trained.  If someone had been using the heel shafted putter since day one and stroke thousands and thousands of putt over the same set up.... the brain will be trained to accept the visual connection and adjust.  So in theory, if you love a custom made putter that costs mega bucks, spend hundreds of hours practice with it and you will grow into the set up.   I see a lot of golfers bought very expensive putter but seldom practice with it.... 

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