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  1. I should have added that if I find a DT SOLO ball that immediately becomes my playing ball. On a side note... how bad does a scuff have to be before it affects playability?
  2. I like playing the tips myself, but if I'm playing with buddies or family that want to play from the white tees, I don't even bat an eye. I'd rather have fun with them and play the same tees rather than stepping back a tee or two due to my ego. I also think shooting well from any tee is an accomplishment and I feel good about it regardless, golf is hard man. Hitting quality shots should give you confidence, if scoring well from a closer tee isn't giving you confidence then you're thinking about it the wrong way.
  3. If you're in the market for a forged cavity back, I would recommend the Callaway X Forged irons or the MP 54 or 64 irons. Basically any of the name brand OEM's do a pretty good job of having plenty of options for custom fitting. Just have to go to a demo day and see what looks and performs best for you.
  4. I purposely spread my impact points around the clubface, to avoid wearing out my irons prematurely.
  5. you know your addicted if you would rather watch the golf channel over porn!!! just kidding
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    • Day 25 Feeling worse than yesterday, so more indoor putting today.
    • Nice that is cool. I got 6/7 correct, I only missed the first question, but I think they should have mentioned how much time was left in the 4th quarter as that likely would have affected my answer. Scoring a TD and making it an 8 point game with 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter is entirely different than scoring a TD to bring it within 8 with 3-4 minutes left in the 4th quarter.
    • The 2020 "Rules of Handicapping" PDF is now available on the USGA web site.  Does anyone have details behind the WHS PCC calculation? Described in the 2020 Rules of Handicapping on page 55 as: Calculate the expected score for each eligible player. Calculate the expected standard deviation of Score Differentials at the golf course, incorporating all applicable Slope Ratings. Establish how many players scored better or worse than expected on the day. The proportion of players submitting a score equal to, better than or worse than their expected scoring range determines whether a PCC adjustment is required. If an adjustment is required, determine how much harder or easier the golf course played that day. Based on these calculations, determine any final PCC adjustment required for play on that day. How are these various calculations performed? I.e. what is the "expected score", etc.? 
    • Can you make the right late-game decisions? If you've ever screamed 'GO FOR IT!' at your TV on fourth-and-1 or shook your head as your school decided not to go... @saevel25, @klineka this is pretty cool and has some good stats as well. 
    • I agree except the hosel getting farther part- you're much closer.  Though much less likely for hosel contact to send the ball to the right (that why I'd agree with it being a toe or bladed contact, not hosel)

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