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    • Day 173 Worked on a transition feel for palmar flexion today. Gave the 7-iron a break and hit 4-iron, 5W, and 3W. Also slowed down back swing a little bit to make sure I can feel the stretch in my right hamstring/glute when turn is complete. Finished with a couple LW full swings, both of which went over the net into oblivion. 
    • The shaft is the "imponderable medium" connecting the golfer to the club head.  The more "ponderable" it is...the more one has to think about.  That can be beneficial or otherwise.
    • I am a big believer in fittings, although I have never been fit myself (only got serious about the game a year ago. Watching TY (TXG mostly), I have seen what it can do for some people. When it comes to shafts, I am less of a believer. Shaft weight and stiffness certainly play a role in getting a great fit, but more important is gapping, lie angle (I lump length in with this because the correlation is heavy), and the proper heads. I am by no means an expert on this stuff, but if I do go for a fit, those 3 things are what I am going to ask about the most. If you are going to buy new and they offer you a crazy good shaft (usually at a crazy price) based on numbers that are marginally better, I would ask to try the "stock" shaft closest in weight and stiffness to the exotic. They will be different, but not enough to warrant the price in most cases. There are outliers where the exotic is a big upgrade that warrants the price, but those are few and far between.
    • Eberts, the restaurant at Green Valley Ranch Golf Course is open for outdoor terrace seatings.  Went there for dinner last night - first time eating out since this all started.  

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