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    • Players: Masters:  Tiger Woods (-15)PGA Championship: Xander Schauffele (-12)U.S. Open: Brooks Koepka (-1)British Open: Tiger Woods (-4)FedExCup: Rory McIlroy
    • From the website...I find this to be accurate for me too; “The SuperSpeed Set Swinging the lightest club first increases the speed by reducing the load. You should swing this club approx. 19% faster than your driver club speed. Swinging the medium club second not only increases the speed but as it weighs more than the light club it encourages perminancy of the initial speed gain. You should swing this club approx. 15% faster than your driver club speed.     Swinging the heavy club third helps to create a perminancy in the speed gain. You should swing this club 12% faster than your driver club speed.“ If you mean just how fast can you swing it all out like the sticks then yeah it’s between red and blue at least for me.  I swing it at the end of a session after the other sticks as fast as I can a few times. 
    • A while back I was telling my neighbor about those tubes. He couldn't believe it.  Back then I played most of my golf at Tamer Win. Always just showed up. If the lot was full we headed to Northwood or another course that wasn't crowded. 
    • If it works for you, that’s great, but what happens if you want to play with your group at 10:00 next Saturday, maybe because you absolutely have to be home by 3:00, but you get there and find 20 other guys wanting to play at that same prime time? No thanks.  I’ll make my time well in advance knowing that it’s mine, and I can manage my own day.  I’d never join a club that didn’t afford me that courtesy.  

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