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    • It’s how the math works in his system. Preseason stuff drops off. Alabama’s weak schedule is finally being more weighted. Also, conference strength gets adjusted.   
    • I neither hit it far nor accurately today. Wish I had the choice of one or the other.
    • Only had time to hit a small bucket and play 9 today at the shal. 39 degrees and snow mix. Shot a 47 , par is 36. Played really well seeing i usually shoot in the 50's 😁
    • View this round on GAME GOLF Didn't play that well but I didn't lose any balls so the score was better than yesterday. Long game wasn't there today, but short game was on point. Hit well out of both bunkers today after I made the conscious decision to keep the clubface more square at setup since I'm pretty good at using the bounce in my pitching motion. Putting was mediocre (but 29 putts means I putt great, right? 🙃). Did have a tap-in birdie, those are always cool.
    • I have the sticks in my shop, and the pro shop worker and myself were messing around to see what we can get to with the green.  I started the day at 119mph and I wasn't really trying to swing fast, just what my normal swing is. Then we went for it and I got to 139mph while he got to 146mph.  I wanted to get to 140 but I got tired.  It pumped me up a little bit because I hadn't been swinging fast for a while, and I think I found out why as I started getting into the upper 130's.  Need to feel the hands "release" more (I don't like that term but its hard to explain). Felt like the arms were trying to do too much and the hands nothing.

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