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    • I'm going to go out on a limb (not really too big of a leap here) and predict that BDC does not have long term staying power. He may win a few more majors, hard to say he won't because he is playing well right now, but he needs everything firing with the game he plays. He will eventually lose some of that and start tinkering and get inside his own head and everyone will be wondering what happened. I don't see his style having long term success. 
    • DeChambeau is a weird one for me.  For me, he's the biggest current "needle-mover."  I love that he's at the top because I love watching him play and his outside the box thinking fascinates me. But man alive does he seem like an insufferable jerk.  I was on the road during the day today so I'm watching the replay now, and in the last couple of hours I've lost track of the amount of times I've heard himself proclaim how great of a shot he just hit.  Combine that with his whole "my brand" rant after the issue with the cameraman several weeks ago and he's easy to dislike. But I'm not going to root against him because I want to watch! 🙂
    • Day 23 - Some practice on the range followed by 18. Range went well, 18 was a rough start. Seems that turning my hips in the backswing is leading to a consistent pull, unless I leave the club face open. 
    • I guess I can relate more to Danny Lee than BDC:  

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