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    • I've played Colonial and Sawgrass.  Colonial is cool - old school, very well thought out.   TPC at Sawgrass is garish and unoriginal to me.  Gimmicky.  But hard.
    • How about this: It's easier to hit a long drive on the course.  It's also easier to hit a short drive on the course. As it applies to Tour golf on TV, these guys are often hitting to a downslope knowing they'll get a huge bump.  And they're good enough to do it.  They're not a bunch of 15 handicaps randomly bumping it off mounds and soggy patches at the local club. Put another way:  It's easier to hit a ball 340 yds on a golf course with favorable conditions than on a launch  monitor.  On a monitor (that's properly calibrated and set up) you have to earn every bit of it.
    • Damn I overlooked your post, that was exactly what I need.  Yes I was puzzled also on the Calc for DDA.  I'll send you a link to my spreadsheet, maybe it will help explaining. I believe because his Index was -.44 it rounded down. I wasn't sure if calculations should always round to nearest or round up or down. 6.2 indicated to round up at .5 I used the USGA calculator when we look up course handicaps when we started. It does indicate a 1.3 Index as a CH = 1 at our Blue Tees But, I wasn't sure how to allocate strokes for the second round on the front. I told them I assumed and that's when the shit hit the fan... 🙂 I dealing with the old Comish who's with the STL District and the Frenchie who's always wrong. Lol Anyway, I'll PM a link to my spreadsheet. Thanks, Dave  
    • Played yesterday. Cart path only. I'm sick of mud.
    • I think only somewhat close comparison would be if someone had used a non conforming club for extra COR (hot clubface) or something that can be used consistently over a period of time all the time for an advantage.  Or one of them rangefinders that give you slope adjusted yardage. IDK.. just taking stabs.

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