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    • 10 years ago: TM r9 driver, Original Adams Tight Lies 3w, Nike NDS 5w, TM rescue hybrid, TM RAC TP MB smoke irons, Cleveland wedges, Seemore bronze putter   Today: Callaway Epic Flash driver, either the Callaway Epic Flash sub zero 3w or Adams Tight Lies titanium 3w, TM gapr hi 3h, Nike Vapor Speed 4h and 5h, Nike VR TW v10 (10 years old!) 6i-PW, Nike Covert 2.0 Forged 51*, Cleveland 588 CB 56* and 60*, Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Beach Prototype centershaft (10 years old!)
    • I dropped the 64 degree Vokey from my bag.  That was a fun club to flop.
    • The only old thing is me. Most of my clubs are a few years old and the only new one is 18 months old. My Taylor Made hybrids are close to ten years old though.
    • I think it goes by overall weight. If you're not allowed to pack clothes in it, what about my rain jacket, my windbreaker, my sweater?? I don't travel much any more, but when I did, I packed it until I filled the travel case, clothes, shoes, whatever I couldn't fit in my normal suitcase. My son travels extensively with his clubs, usually for business trips and he packs all kinds of business stuff in his case, especially if he's going to some convention where he has to give out the travel mugs, golf towels, all kinds of goodies. He did say that he noticed that they opened the bag and searched the contents a couple of times. They usually leave a notice when they do that, but he's never had anything missing, and they've never complained.
    • The swing doesn’t have enough traction (yet?) to see tour players using it, and if there was we wouldn’t be debating this. Is it a tour quality swing? I’d like to know. Who here can test? When you say people will be unable to reach their potential with the JV swing... potential would need quantified. There is an aspect of distance, which there is debate around but no anecdotal evidence that suggest distance will be lost, but instead the opposite exists. Assuming some distance is lost, the trade off will be for accuracy. It’s a very viable tour strategy to trade distance for accuracy. Again, I’m interested to see someone test this swing and show some metrics with a swing video.     

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