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    • Funny instance playing 9 last night - I noticed on one of the early holes that the pool noodle was not very far down in the cup.  I thought it was strange because the previous time I had played there the noodles were well below the ground.  Well after making my putt I realized that due to an afternoon rain storm there was water in the bottom of the cup. And of course pool noodles are made to float.
    • I've updated my responses to the poll.  My club still has pool noodles in the holes, reasonably well done so VERY few putts have been rejected.  We have no ball washers, no water coolers, and no rakes.  Carts are still single user unless you live in the same household.  Our back deck is open for dining, with tables further apart than previously, and reservations required.  We'll be resuming some tournament operations, starting with events that lend themselves to tee times, nothing where a shotgun would be appropriate.  So far, the impact on my golf has been minimal, lets hope things continue to improve.  
    • Our State golf association has been using abnormal ground condition for lie only.  If a player thinks their ball lies in a churned up area, they can take relief from the lie, one club length, no nearer the hole, drop in the bunker.  In some ways, the use of dropping versus placing makes sense.  Most players will only take relief if the lie is truly churned up, to avoid dropping.  Prevents people from using the Local Rule to get preferred lies in the bunker.
    • I never slice! I mean choke.
    • Thank you both for your input! The 60* would be mostly for tight lies near the green or on the fringe, thats why I opted for such low bounce. In regards to my swing- it’s fairly steep, miss hits are going to be fat, I almost never hit it thin or blade it. However, as I move closer to the green I try to come in more shallow. @Vinsk thank you for your warm welcome! @Adam C the 60 would be more of a fun club for me where I can try more specialized shots, you know we all try to mickelson it every once in a while 😉

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