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    • Srixon Soft Feel and Snell Get Sum are fine for me and in your price range. So is the OnCore Avant55.
    • Hows it goin everyone? New to the site just getting things figured out . Not the best quality video but going to try a few more at the range in the next few days. I have been struggling the last few weeks with a push hook, and i usually setup for a fade so its been getting me in trouble lately.the last few days ive been trying to not have as much spine tilt and its helped some but still getting a few a round. Thanks in advance for replys!
    • Day 474 Heavily scheduled day; only time to do mirror work on rotation and shoulder moves.
    • I've been Playing Golf for: 4 My current handicap index or average score is: 30 handicap My typical ball flight is: high fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push hook Videos:   
    • Yeah, stay out of Colorado - we already have more LibTurds than we can stand here! When will you fools understand that no tech or law will ever instill individual responsibility? Good character flows from the spirit and heart. Poor actions flow from poor spirit and heart (which seem prevalent in leftist libertines who continually seek GOVERNMENT as Savior).

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