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    • While I agree that tube amps sounds better, having built several, none of that above is how amps work. Electrons are not flowing in a vacuum in a tube. It is still a wire circuit that is insulated in a vacuum for heat transfer purposes. I could spend hours discussing this topic, but we must keep on topic here. I agree with @Vinsk, The HAMMER! POW!
    • Two things that came out in 1979 were the first TaylorMade metalwoods and the lob wedge. The first metalwoods had fit metrics like wooden woods..shorter shafts, flatter lie angles, and weaker lofts. Clubhead shapes were like wood as well. The lob wedge was often referred to as the "third wedge'"  because with pitching wedges still being in the 50-52º range, the loft jacking and gap wedge were imminent but not quite there yet. The lob wedge was conceived to have little or no bounce so you could play it from forward in your stance, but then bounce options began because some players wanted them with standard bounce. I still prefer a minimal bounce lob wedge.
    • We will have some live golf to watch in May.  Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson coronavirus relief golf match is on and could happen in May Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are planning to square off in a two-on-two golf event to help coronavirus relief efforts.  
    • Drivers used by top 10 golfers in strokes gained off the tee It all starts with the tee shot. Modern professional golfers...  
    • @dennyjones, Thanks brother.

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