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    • Matt owned it and is taking his suspension under the rules.  No issues there.  I have a difficult time with the idea that he took no action to find alternate or get exemption in a game where a big ticket payday could happen literally any time and something like this would derail those opportunities.  Know the rules, know your options. Seems he issued this mainly because it apparently was communicated as a "drug abuse" issue.  Not simply breaking a rule that requires a suspension.  this is appropriate that he gets it clear so at least "reasonable" people don't escalate a false accusation.   (as for the topic - I think it should be legal both recreational and medical, but people that use recreationally are idiots.  Employers should get to decide if they want users in the payroll or not - that's a private contract.  Trickier when it's government employment though.  Medical use? - CBD is an option, but even not, the stuff can be pharmacised and dose controlled.  The legalization routes are seriously flawed so far today by just opening the floodgates to pacify voters and making statements. I think the recreational users try to ride the argument with the medical users to ride their coattails - and these are is totally separate discussions and should not be convolved.  it's irrelevant and selfish and not genuine at all to try to ride the medical discussion just to be falsely included by association - they just want any excuse to get their fix. - and that hurts the argument for the medical users - which is a very important and legitimate topic.
    • How about airplane runway ON the fairway?!  As a kid I played a sand greens course in the Ozarks of Missouri on a few occasions.  Small, local airport with grass runways on a couple of the 9 holes.  Signs warned you that if you saw a plane incoming or outgoing, get out of the way.  Best part was over by the pro shop/hangers was a wind sock you could see from any part of the course... never needed to toss grass clippings in the air.  😏
    • In STL District and the STL Metro Amateur's and our Club, guidelines are set for Senior Play / Distance course setup. I imagine they have guidelines for Championship Events. When these events are at our club, the tee markers are moved to various locations and they play one of the par 5's as a par 4. It's all up to the event committee, whether it's a Championship or everyday play with friends. Many small groups can set there own distance in weekly games, it can be for younger guys or older guys.

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