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  1. And again I will gladly state that I am glad these type of people are so transparent. If you respect/disrespect me based on my clothing then your opinion is of no value to me. And I won't have to worry about how you treat me as I will not be around you. And for the record, this is coming from someone who wears slacks on the course. But I play with plenty of people who don't and have a great time doing so.
  2. .. No it's not dirty. For the first time ever I up and decided I'm going golfing today as a single and they put me up with two women and a guy. Needless to say I had an absolute blast. Not sure what it is but when I'm playing with new partners I seem to play better than usual. Don't know why I didn't do this earlier, was always worried people thought its creepy to have some single pair up with them.. Met new people, had an awesome round and enjoyed the outdoors :D Do you guys enjoy playing with strangers?
  3. About 3 years ago now. Local little muni about 5 miles from my house..... http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-11-25/news/os-worker-hit-with-golf-ball-20101124_1_worker-mayfair-country-club-golf-ball
  4. You lost me here jimmyc. If the course allows jeans then that is appropriate clothing for that course, regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. At a wedding, some people wear tuxedo's, some business suits and some just wear sports coats with slacks. Should we treat those in sports coats as low class because they are the most casually dressed at the wedding? Not sure if you've shopped for jeans lately, but they've come quite a way since Levi's and Lee were the only ones making them. Price tags on some of these jeans are well beyond what most people pay for suits. I get you don't like the look on a golf course but if they're permitted you'd be wrong to treat someone with little respect for wearing them.
  5. But I see it occurring on both sides of the aisle. The exact mentality that you see people having for the ACA or Medicare or welfare, I see in corporations and Wall Street and farmers. They are looking for handouts and breaks as well. But they proceed under the guise of "job creators" or some other hooey. They put forth a sham that if you don't give them giants breaks in taxes or bailouts, or crop price fixing and subsidies, which they say they are entitled to, then all hell will break loose. I am all for reducing the cost of government, as long as it is equally spread out. But I would rather have my tax dollars spent on feeding some hungry kids or providing them a chance to buy healthcare than giving bonuses to millionaire Wall Street execs or Haliburton. Or paying tobacco farmers subsidies (which by the way apparently ended finally this year). If we are going to do one, we have to do all.
  6. Oh my word... and cling to your guns, man! Obama is gonna take'm. Keep 'em close!
  7. Do you know what irony is? In the very same sentence, you complain about being called names (which I would probably have agreed with you on, "tea bagging" is not exactly a nice phrase) yet in the same post you do the exact same thing! If you're going to call him a socialist, then you get to remain a tea-bagger. If you're giving below the fray, then be prepared to be taking below the fray. Calling a liberal a socialist is about as accurate as calling a conservative an anarchist. Personally, I prefer that other, "horribly offensive," name that somehow turned into a negative over the last few years ... "progressive." ;) This is it, right? It is the philosophical difference separating us, and one that will never be solved because it's, well, a difference in philosophy. :)
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