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  1. The Bogey Philosopher As many of you may now have perceived I have what might in our current era be considered a slightly quirky approach to golf. I golf because I truly enjoy it. A fine walk in the fresh air amongst pleasant surroundings. Fellowship with friends old and new. The opportunity to hone my skills against a well designed course of challenges. I play 30 year old muscleback blades because they were what I played as a young man, and though I don’t swing them as well as back then, I just like their look and feel. I have a pretty good idea of how far and well I ca
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  2. Some might call it a "chitch" or a "pip" (thanks Erik). This is a style of chipping that's more reliable than the "ball back in the stance, hands forward, lean left" style of chipping. Like with a traditional chipping motion, the swing is short, there is little wrist hinge but we aren't engaging the leading edge, there's very little shaft lean. We are still using the bounce like in a pitch shot, hence the terms "chitch" or "pip". We know bounce is extremely useful because it allows the club to glide through the grass. A traditional chip shot can still be useful on occasion but
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  3. Hey guys, just thought I'd put up a thread dedicated to everyone's experience with lessons whether good or bad. I'll start with mine. First, I'll give you a little of my golfing background. I've been hacking away for about 8 years, playing about 3 to 5 times a year, total. This past year was my first year where I decided to start taking the game seriously because of my passion for it and my willing to learn. I got a membership at a local course and took a lesson from a local pro. It helped quite a bit with my distance. I started playing about 3 to 4 times a week and after about 2 months
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  4. I think you are wrong on both counts. It would be hard to find a sport that has been more embracing of advances in technology in equipment that makes players better. Look at the driving distance change over the last 30 years, for example. There are guys on the Champions tour that hit it longer at age 55 than they ever did at age 30. Tradition did not prevent these things. There have been 2 major equipment rulings over the last 20 or so years, the groove ruling and the anchoring ruling. In both cases the rulings address qualitative aspects of the game, not quantitative aspects. The
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