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  1. You're fine, I was just adding to your post. My post might have come off as a bit hasty or dismissive since I was on my phone. As for TaylorMade, I imagine "because they can" is a big part of it. They've got Adidas money behind them and the best sales number in the game, I'm sure they're R&D; department is flush with cash. If that's the case, why not throw everything at the wall and hope some of it sticks? If you don't like the SLDR or JetSpeed (neither of which I particularly care for at first glance), it's not like you can't find the R1 or RBZ.
  2. Looking back with trying to keep my son properly fitted with golf clubs, age 12-14 were tough. He had out grown most kids clubs but a men's set was just a bit too much. He ended up playing a women's set during that period and was able to handle a men's set by age 14. A lot depends on your size and strength and how fast your growing. I don't know how big you are or if your above average in size and strength you may be able to handle a men's set. The worst thing you can do for your golf game in the developmental stage as a junior player is start playing clubs that don't fit or are too heavy. You will develop some bad swing habits. If your current women's set is in serviceable condition and still fit you might want to seriously consider playing them one more season. If you feel you absolutely must have a new set then I would strongly advise going to a pro and getting fitted.
  3. You could chip this way out of light rough where you don't have to carry the ball very far. For most shots out of the rough you'd be best served to use more a pitch motion, more on that below. Yep http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video
  4. I can't emphasize enough what the videos say about taking the hit instinct out of the shot. For me I feel the tempo of my back swing and match the tempo going into the shot. When I struggled(which was rare) with this shot I would try to hit the ball. I know this sounds weird but you should be thinking about tempo more than the hit. When I'm really doing the pitch correctly I don't even know I hit the ball I just feel I had the tempo back and forth perfect.
  5. I was right here with you guys until about a year ago when i decided to make changes... Until that point i had always thought that the way to be good was to hit the ball 400yds off the tee and thats how you have good rounds, well it doesnt matter how far you hit the ball if you cant hit it straight. So i focused on removing that deadly slice that continued to get me into trouble off the tee, which in turn made me have to play catch up, which led to terrible rounds and a lot of headaches. So i did just that, i spent a lot of time on google and on the range removing the bad parts of my swing. I took almost 80 yds off my drive distance but im hitting 85-90% fairways now. And i went from a 19 to 12. So this is my philosophy and im sticking to it: "Put your Tee Shot in the fairway and the rest of the game is a lot more simple and a lot less stressful"
  6. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the meat in the grocery store comes from animals that had to be killed too......
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    • Let me just make sure we’re on the same page as I’m not sure I know exactly what you want me to change.    If I number your pictures 1,2,3,4. From the first to second picture I want the clubface to be more back, pointing towards the camera. And the toe pointing upwards.  And then from the second to the third I need to get the shaft vertical while getting my hands to somewhere where they are in picture 4?  
    • Day 165.  Ten minutes of putting after work;  3, 6, 10 feet.  On a real green, but post-dark (lights though). 
    • I lost my sister in law and a cousin to drunk drivers and know quite a few others who have lost family. Drunk driving is stupid. The question is if we all should pay for that stupidity or not? We live with quite a few laws already because stupid people did stupid things like drunk driving, I’m not sure another law would hurt? OTOH, drunk driving isn’t the only problem. What I think would make more sense is mandatory automatic braking systems and enforced speed limits through GPS. The first step towards self driving cars. Something like that, but thought through thoroughly before deployment. I answered to add vehicle safety, but I can understand the arguments against.
    • I just signed in a few minutes ago, did a couple of "edits", fixed them back, poked around the rest of the site, had no issues at all.  

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