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  1. Here is our latest blog post. This one was written by a friend of ours at Quite the Chap. Five simple tips (no talent required) to improve your game. Your last round of the year is but a distant memory, covered in a light dusting of snow. Working on lowering your handicap seems like a cold cruel challenge at this point. But is it? Even if you’re living in a land of plentiful sun and warmth, these five little checks, adjustments and tweaks can have a helping hand in lowering your scores. The best part? None of these items require you to possess any extraordinary talent or skill.
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  2. Why would you take your dog with you play golf? It seems like it would just slow down play and be annoying. Dogs are great but theres some places they dont belong and the golf course is one of them.
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  3. The opposite is true. The more you swing left ("INward" for a righty), the easier it is to move the low point forward. That's part of the reason so many hackers have over-the-top moves. If they didn't, they'd NEVER hit a ball close to solid.
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  4. I really like how they are built to launch the ball especially in the longer irons. Unless you are @iacas you jack a ball with the i20 six iron over a 40' fence that is only like 30 yards away. I do see how some players may want a little lower launching set, but for most of us with average swing speeds they are just right and super forgiving. Foggy chrome cast boner man!
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  5. Every now and then even the best putter needs a little "time-out" in the dark cabinet in the garage, just to keep them motivated to perform at their best.
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  6. I just went back and looked at my card. Match play, he beat me 5 and 4. Now.....I didn't play well, and afterwards, his wife admitted to me that he told her that he played well and was pleased he made a good showing for us, but still, that's 5 and 4 while giving 12 strokes to a 6 hcp. That's a good old fashioned ass whipping by anyone's standards! I agree......match play gives you a chance. I play with 2 guys that play off of honest scratch. We always play full hcp, match play. If they play well they win, if I play well I win. But it seems that they "play well" a little more ofte
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  7. No they don't. The caddie and the player add to the preprinted yardage books with information obtained in many ways - with lasers, by pacing, by playing those shots in practice rounds. On the greens, they also roll balls and putt from every possible angle to each of the anticipated hole positions. That information is also added to the yardage books that both of them carry during tournament play. Despite all of that planning and preparation, they still misclub, they still misread putts. It all goes to show just how tough a game this really is.
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  8. When in France, drink wine. When in Ireland, drink Guinness. When in the USA, drink West Coast style IPA. I guess that would make more sense if y'all were playing in California, but seriously western USA IPAs are (IMO) up there with the best beer produced anywhere in the world.
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  9. Alright, here we go..... Wow, what a day! I was so stoked for the day, that over the last couple of days I've had to remind myself that things like this seldom really live up to the hopes and expectations you've built around them. I needn't have worried. Remember the scene in City Slickers where they're talking about their "best day ever"? Well, this one was right up there for me.....maybe after my wedding and birth of our child, but really, not that far behind. When they initially called, they had said that it was going to be a small group of loyal customers that the
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  10. Thanks. I have been working out a little lately.
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  11. Fake fersure, but thats ok. She tents a golf shirt like nobody else I've seen on TV (except Gerina Pillar ) ...
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  12. I have recently looked into this site. What I like about it is that it is complete, start to finish. The swing is correct or at least very reasonable. It tells you how to get there with drills and what muscles need to fire..... I think if someone puts the time in and follows this site they will make improvements. Is it marketing, sure but the content is good. I have taken private lessons over the last several years and because of the time involved it does not seem to work out. Spending as much time as needed to work out all the points in 1/2 hour lessons is difficult. You could s
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  13. Most guys slice because the weight isn't enough forward and the handle is too far back at impact with the elbows separating. That and people think you have to roll or release the club to put some kind of side spin on the ball. This is what a slicer and a guy that draws it looks like at impact This is a great way to address the ball to help draw the ball. This is a good drill to get the hands forward. Do this drill like Erik is and it's almost impossible to not draw it.
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  14. I promise that as soon as I figure it out, I will tell the world
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    • Day 8.  Spent ten minutes hitting 8-iron and 6-iron indoors, off a mat, into a net.  Took about as many minutes.  Then, I wandered out back to do Speed Sticks.  I haven't read the rules of that encouragement role, but I should:  my last time (before a few minutes ago) using speed sticks, or at least measuring it, was October 25.
    • Just want to add that it's also related to ankle dorsiflexion. So for the last month before each round I'll take the grip end of a club and press it into the top of my calf as I rehearse the backswing and early downswing. Basically I don't want that angle from the foot to the ankle to change. Puts me in a position to work through the hip joint, which means that knee won't collapse inward. Gives me a good feel and reminder before and even during the round.
    • Last couple weekends
    • Hmmm I will have to ask around. I may be able to rent a trackman bay for an hour for the cost of a lesson. Bought the videos just get a visual representation of key #5 drills, very worth it!
    • Yea, I think it depends on how you view a caddies role. If a caddie is meant to have a bigger role for the golfer, then sure that makes sense. I do think the book even takes away from a caddies skill to read a green. I think at a certain level, the green reading books need to be limited. I rather a caddie be good at reading a green versus using a book. Same with a golfer. 
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