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  1. The key here is moderation . I've been in a few groups where the golfers should have been cited for a DUI.
  2. Complete BS......................... Will a brain surgeon perform better with a buzz? I think not...........
  3. Nice swing, and I am also starting to hit a slight draw and enjoying it. Sounds like you pretty much know what you're doing. Just posted this so your thread does not look so lonely.
  4. Go anyone but the Patriots now. I like the other 3 remaining teams. I just can't wait to see Brady crying on the sidelines...again.
  5. Go Niners!!! This is the way it should be Niners vs. Seahawks for a trip to the SB. Backing up a bit I do think Boldin should've been flagged for his headbutt to that Panthers player. Not to mantion that couple plays later we had 12 men in the huddle the refs also missed that one. But it's funny that Panthers were complaining about that headbutt when they themselves tried to set a tone by bullying and playing chippy from the very first snap. Carolina defensive player makes a standard tackle they jump up and start barking, but when the Niners bark back Panthers start yelling for flags???? Typical Bully stuff.................enjoy the off season.
  6. He's aliiiiiiiive..... Good to hear from you Zippy!
  7. I vote for it becoming the 6th!!! It can fall under the mental game
  8. @Dr Draw , What I would suggest is getting comfortable with the shanks. It could be a little bit, I mean this in a positive way. Keep working on it and grind it out, but learn to be patient. I know it is frustrating. I have have had the same tendency to move my center towards the ball in the down swing even still. I used to throw the club outside my hands as well. I fought the shanks for years. I started working with some of the guys kind enough to try and help you here and they went away quick enough. Even after, I did not take full swings practicing or on the course for months until I felt the bad habits were out of my system. This should probably embarrass me but I don't really care. Look at my shank swings here from a couple years ago before I started working on things: http://thesandtrap.com/t/65114/my-swing-cipher/306#post_911771 Pretty ugly, but it is a bit different now. ;) You will get through it, if you stay patient, listen and keep at it until the results start changing. I tried to treat my frustration with humor as well, and that seemed to help. You literally have two extremely knowledgeable instructors posting here, helping you for free. You are lucky, don't waste the advice. Best wishes.
  9. The Hard Rock is excellent, great beach, lovely pools, excellent casino & night clubs, I think nine restaurants, lots of activities for everyone. La Cana (the onsite golf course) was in very good condition when I played it in early October 2013 & quite a nice track. And if you do take the all inclusive golf package, drinks & snacks on the course are included along with free range balls. Punta Espada was the best course on my trip...excellent, play it if you can!
  10. Probably getting into this thread a little late but i can relate to your issues. I was there... 1- You're still in the process of building confidence in your game so you might be getting self conscious if you struggle on the course. Remember, you're out there to have fun and develop your game. You hit one bad shot and its all down hill from there? You start trying too hard and the bad shots just get worse? One thing I would recommend when your playing like that is stop paying so much attention to yourself and each shot and focus more on the other players. I found it relaxing to watch partners play some good shots. You will also find that they are making occasional mistakes too, so go easy on yourself. 2- If you are making a T-time with a course, they generally tend to be familiar with the handicaps of the regulars. If you're looking to jump into a group you can ask if they can set you up with a group that will have similar handicaps. They understand all the issues of people that have to play together. Hope that helps.
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    • Yay! Good for you! Congratulations!  Any plans to save the ball, put it in a little case, or a plague, or otherwise display the achievement?
    • So all the work I’ve been putting in doing drills at home and learning about the proper movements seems to finally be showing some results.    I have learned today that if your hip and shoulder turn on the backswing are correct than the shallowing of the club happens automatically. I made absolutely no effort to shallow the club on these swings, the only thought was the “correct” hip loading in the backswing and transition. I would still like to open my hips more at impact and I’d like a bit more of forward shaft lean as a result of that, but I can see the early extension and chicken wing to slowly disappear.    For anyone who wants to look more into the proper hip turn and loading check out the videos of Athletic Motion Golf. I’m a very visual person and their skeleton videos really help me understand what the good players are doing.     From the start of October I’m changing my workweek to only 4 days working being off on Tuesdays. So that should hopefully result in golf 2-3 times per month. 
    • Congrats, one was fantastic,not sure my heart or pocket book could handle two😁
    • I received my annual “No chance” email yesterday. Well, on to 2022!
    • You need something to run the interface. The SkyTrak itself doesn't have any software perse, so an app is needed to translate an image of ball flight. This doesn't necessarily have to be an ipad though, it could be a laptop or desktop computer. My recommendation would be to get a cheap one of these (computer not tablet, maybe from craigslist or FB marketplace. shouldn't have to spend more than 100 dollars on this) that has the correct connections to go to the projector (probably HDMI I am assuming). Another big thing about having another in between, is that you will be able to log data to see shot analysis and improvement over time. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions that I can try to help with.

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